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Many people are unable to grasp the concept of Ashley Madison, an affair dating site. Why would anyone go online to seek out an extra-marital affair. What kind of experience can one expect from a site such as this? These are the questions I want to answer. Please continue reading my review.

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This is an open door to a whole new world for the uninitiated. Yes, this is a dating site. But it’s not what you think. Ashley Madison has the electric feeling of a secretive, underground meeting place for people who have one thing in mind. It will all depend on your personal experiences and personality.

It is important to note that this website is not just for those who want to cheat on their wives. You shouldn’t judge all present with the same standards. Sites like this exist for many reasons.

Ashley Madison is the best affair site. It is a site that has been well built, packed with features, and places safety and security at the top of its priorities. This is where you feel at ease with other people who have the same thoughts. It’s also a place you don’t have to worry about other people being untrue or your card details getting stolen.

Ashley Madison may be the right place for you if you are looking to do something different, explore new territories, or find a way to vent your sexual frustrations. Even if you don’t feel like that, there may be other reasons to visit Ashley Madison.

Ashley Madison: Why use?

There are many reasons to use this website, beyond the typical bored husband/wife looking for some excitement in the sack.

This site is described as a “covert-dating site” and is for single andattached people who are seeking in-person or online sexual encounters.

This opens up many possibilities for the site. Although this site is intended for discreet dating, there are many reasons to be interested in dating below the radar.

Maybe you are in the middle of a relationship that ended and you are going through a messy divorce. It is important to find someone new to help you get over your past love and move on. However, you don’t want this to be a problem for someone still living with you. You don’t want your ex-spouse to be a witness in a court case.

What about someone who is unhappy in their relationship? A person who feels trapped, for whatever reason, but isn’t spiritually, sexually, or emotionally fulfilled in their current circumstances.

There are also people who cannot date publically for other reasons. These could be related to family pressures or cultural reasons. Maybe it is because of who you are, like a celebrity? Maybe it’s because you are interested and able to share certain types of relationships that you don’t want the public to see.

You will even find couples actively seeking polyamorous relationships on the site!

Yes, there are also people who just love the thrill of secret dating.

It doesn’t matter what form you take, love and sexual attraction can come in many forms. Dating somewhere private and discrete allows you to enjoy your sexuality in whatever form it takes. You also get a dose of risk, uncertainty, and electricity back in the bedroom.

The Android app has more than a million downloads, so it is clear that the concept is popular.

First, what is Ashley Madison?

Ashely Madison was established in 2001. It is perhaps the most well-known adultery website on the internet. It has been awarded numerous awards for its design and functionality. Ashely Madison is considered to be one of the most reliable and useful online tools for affairs and secretive relationships.

The website’s design is very simple and easy to use.

You’ll notice a full-screen image showing a woman holding her finger up to her lips when you first visit the site. This tells you about the site and its mission statement.

This initial experience was disappointing in that you can’t browse the site without signing up or choosing to view matches.

The site’s layout will be very easy to navigate once you get into it. The site is easy to navigate, which is great news for those who want to concentrate on the relationships and not the UI.

This has the added benefit of being easy to use when you need it. You might not want others to see what you’re doing on the website. This interface is an amazing bonus that allows you to quickly find what your looking for and then go out.

It uses a beautiful grey and pink color scheme (it works better that it sounds!) It has a unique feeling that it is both underground and exciting, without being too obvious or hard to read. It looks great and creates the right mood. However, it doesn’t fall into any traps or be too style-driven.

My Experience with Ashley Madison Review

As someone who is open to extra marital affairs, I was selected from the team to review this website.

We have been together for quite some time now and are committed to our child. The evening is spent together, with the exception of the sex. This was months ago. Both of us know that the other has had relationships outside the marriage and have an unspoken agreement not to ask about it. Although we are cordial, we don’t love each other anymore.

While I don’t feel any moral obligation to my husband I didn’t want my actions to be detected by him (to avoid awkward conversations) and definitely not by my daughters.

To set up the profile, I waited for my husband to return from work one night. The whole experience was very sexually charged and exciting, I have to admit. Although I have used dating websites before, there is something quite exciting about one that is secretive and allows you to sneak around.

Signing up was easy. It was refreshing to be asked less probing questions. You feel more comfortable keeping information secret and private, which allows you to be the best version of yourself. As someone who had to suppress a lot of my sexuality over the past five-years, this was hugely liberating.

One thing I found especially stimulating was filling out the section titled “My Most Intimate Wants.” It flooded me with ideas and made me excited about the possibility of having them all fulfilled.

God, why haven’t you done this years ago?

After everything was set up, I enjoyed a glass of wine, some cigarettes and my laptop. I looked through many profiles and struck up interesting conversations with men I wouldn’t normally meet. These men came from many walks of life. They were young, successful businessmen and entrepreneurs who wanted to hide their activities for many reasons.

It was full of interesting stories and characters. I met a lot of women on the site, and it was clear that there is a vibrant gay community.

The community vibe is actually much better than many dating sites. This may be due to the site’s secretive nature. It is a place where everyone is in the same boat and it creates a sense of camaraderie. To stay safe, we relied on each other. Being able to view feedback from others via profiles was a great tool.

That night, I experienced “phone sex” (I used quotations because it was via the laptop). It felt amazing.

However, I did notice that I had forged a special bond with one of my contacts and I continued messaging him for the next few weeks. Another positive experience was that the app is just as simple to use as the website and it is discrete. My biggest fear was that I would get a ping in a meeting, then have one of my nosy coworkers look over my shoulder.

However, this was not true. Instead, I was able to check my messages at my leisure using an app that looked completely unassuming and received zero attention from my husband while he was on the phone.

It’s quite exciting to hide somewhere and check your phone. My go-to is the women’s toilets!

I finally decided to meet the man. My husband was informed that I was going out with my friends and would like to stay at one of their places. He didn’t ask me any questions.

I was instead greeted by a man who will remain anonymous at a bar which was packed and far from my usual haunts. I have never been so excited and I was not disappointed. I spent a lot of time trying to make myself look hot, something I hadn’t done in a while. I wore dark lipstick, high heels and a pearl necklace.

He looked exactly like a man from a romance novel when I first met him: he was dressed in a suit and appeared to have just returned from work. He was very charming and we had a great time flirting. I have never felt more confident!

He walked me to the taxi and we parted ways. He was an absolute gentleman and I cannot wait to see him again next week.

Your experience will be different. The people you meet on any dating site will always influence your perceptions. It was an incredible experience for me. Ashley Madison’s community and tools are to my credit. I’m sold!

Ashley Madison Features

Do not let simplicity in design fool your eyes. You will find many great features, including IM, chat and messaging as well as a call option. You can also create very detailed profiles, which can include all the information you need to share on sites like this.

You can also see who has viewed and commented on your profile.

This is minimalism at its best – all you need and none you don’t – presented in a way that you instantly get.

For Ashley Madison, it is important that the site be secure and private. You are most likely using the site because you wish to keep it private. This will be discussed in a future section. But suffice it to say that Ashley Madison is here to help if confidentiality and privacy are important to you.

Ashley Madison is packed with all the features you need to have a functioning dating site. This is a great news for users as it shows that you won’t have to compromise your privacy in order get the site you want.

Adultery sites can be dangerous. You may end up having to stay away from the most popular and well-known sites (like Tinder) in order to protect your privacy. This can lead to you using a lower-quality product with fewer quality-of-life benefits than other users.

Ashley Madison gives you all these tools and more.

You can sign up to become an Ashley Madison member.

You should now have a better understanding of Ashley Madison, its purpose, and the reasons it works so well. You can read more on their blog.

It can help to actually go through the process to get set up and then meet someone to really understand what to expect. This is especially important for Ashley Madison’s discreet dating site. It gives you an idea of what information you will need and what security measures have been taken.

What is the experience like?

First, you’ll need to decide on your sexual identity, sexual orientation, and relationship status. The next step is to choose a username, password, select a location, pick a greeting and decide what type of interaction you want. The process takes only 30 seconds, is quick and easy, and is simple.

Next, select your height, weight and ethnicity. A username and password will be used. You are encouraged to upload a photo. To sign up, you will use your username, password, and not your email address. This is one of many smart security decisions.

After you have completed your profile, you can search for other users just like you would with other similar sites. Once you have found the profile of someone you are interested in, it will be possible to send a message or send a gift, start a chat, call, or send a message. You can add profiles to your lists so you can easily find them in the future.

There are two great sections on the profile page that will help you find the right partner. Every profile will display a score of “feedback” from other users. This means that users can leave feedback about bad interactions and warn others.

Safety and Security

There are many features that can be used to improve safety and security. These features are plentiful on Ashley Madison.

One example is member identification via the backend using profile IDs. This is not a username. This prevents fields from being starred and hides that information from other users.

You don’t have to type in your email address every time you need it. And you don’t even need to tell anyone your name unless you really want to. You can choose a sexy pseudonym.

Ashley Madison uses industry-standard security features such as SSL and the strongest encryption for personal data that you are likely to find. There are many other smart choices. The app has biometric security features and a discrete icon that won’t be obvious in your app drawer.

You won’t be sent emails that could get you in trouble. These features ensure that you are able to date within terms. These features can actually be beneficial to someone who doesn’t care about privacy.

Site is also managed by a highly respected organization that takes customer service seriously. We have had nothing but positive experiences dealing with the team. Visit their FAQ page. They offer fast and secure payments, no hidden fees, and take complaints and reports very seriously. You can reach someone immediately, and they will respond quickly to your concerns.

AshleyMadison: The Pros and the Cons


  • Great confidentiality features
  • Very secure
  • Trusted brand and company
  • Great sense of security
  • Simple UI
  • Excellent value for money (for more advanced functions)


  • There are no automatic matching features
  • Human error is still not being taken into account. Do you want to close the tab on your computer? You’re done!

Ashley Madison Reviews by Other Customers

Ashley Madison has been a great experience. It has truly expanded my sexual horizons. We are grateful!

This site has been a blessing in my life. I will never forget it. I should have done it sooner.

“Simple. Sexy. Fun. It’s a great place to meet people to have fun with.

“I was nervous about using this site and didn’t know what I could expect. It was easy to use and the site feels very secure. Ashley Madison was a wonderful person who helped me find the right people. Anyone who is unhappy in their current circumstances would benefit from this site. It is a lifesaver.

“My husband, Ashley Madison helped us find casual hookups for another couple. It was an amazing time ;-)”

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Final Verdict

Although the idea of adultery sites can be a source of anxiety, it can also lead to excitement and anticipation. The site’s simple design, many great features, strong sense community, and reliable team help to ease nerves.

You must be able trust the system and company behind the site if you plan to use it. This site is safe and reliable. We think you will have a wonderful time if you are open-minded and willing to meet new people.

It’s one the most popular dating sites, and it’s also the best place to date discreetly or in privacy. We are sure you will have a great time!