Best Sex Hookup Sites: The Top Legit Adult Dating Websites

In the past 3 years, I have tested 17 popular Hookup Sites and Apps. There have been many good, bad, and even downright terrible ones.

I have a lot experience searching online for casual sex and browsing hookup sites.

In this post, I bring it all together and gather the reallygot me results along with some details about each.

Top Sex Hookup Sites

  1. Adult Friends Finder Hookup and Dating
  2. Ashley Madison Personal Hookup and Dating
  3. No String Attached
  4. Cams(Chatting Online

Adult Friend Finder The Best Website Dedicated to Hookups Only

Highlights and Features

  • #1 spot for local hookups
  • More than 80 million users
  • There are thousands of matches
  • Virtual gift-giving
  • Galleries of Private and Public Photos
  • You can have fun while looking for someone by playing the ‘Hot or Not’ game
  • Keyword targeting and comprehensive search
  • If you sign up for a membership, Visa, Discover and MasterCard are all accepted

Visit the Adult Friend Locator

AdultFriendFinder is not a 100% free site for hooking up. This is the main reason AdultFriendFinder is not at the top. In an effort to balance the girls to guys ratio, they require men to pay a monthly fee.

Adult Friend Finder was founded in 1996. It is one of the earliest hookup websites. Most veteran swingers will check their AFF messages to find extra side-action.

This site is serious about casual sex. You will need a gold membership to message new people. However, it is completely free to send messages. This structure is perfect for balancing the girl-to-guy ratio and makes it easy to find women who are responsive.

There are many other cool features on the site, which makes it feel more like a community than other sites. You can ask sex questions or post ads for local meetups on the forum. You can have a two-way conversation to get to know your partner before meeting them. You can also create profiles, blogs, message, chat, and voicechat. They have just launched sex courses that will teach you about bondage and squirting as well as hookup strategies.

This is the best place to hook up with anyone, no matter where they live. It’s easy to find a friend.

  • Website 25+ years old
  • Meet people from all around the globe
  • Membership in Gold is well worth it
  • You can find everything from gays and lesbians to swinger parties, swinger parties, exhibitionists to fantasy role-playing, just kicking it buddies, and of course friends!
  • Registering is quick and easy. All you need to do is provide your password, username, email address, sex, age and type of companion.


  • A monthly subscription is required for ‘Gold’ membership.
  • 2016 Data breach left users with bad feelings about the site
  • You can’t send messages free of charge unless the other person has sent one to you first or you are a gold member
  • Sorry, no iOS or Android app
  • Fake dating profiles, inactive members, and a large number of people who aren’t online anymore. Best BDSM Hopper Site

Highlights and Features

  • Matchmaking algorithm
  • Worldwide, 3.5+ Million Members
  • Profiles include group chat, video, photos, instant messenger and photo galleries.
  • The screen will display answers to questions about your personality, fetish, and other relevant information.

When I was first starting my online empire, I discovered how much BDSM is loved in our society. Celebrities were open about their BDSM fetishes, such as Ricky Martin, gayman who loves golden showers – “loco”, or Angelina Jolie, who is fond of vials full of blood. was the first place that I tried out my BDSM fetish. They were all crazy about everything and I was a complete freak when I met them. Pros

  • Membership is free
  • Website format that is comfortable
  • Memberships in Gold and Silver
  • Roleplaying with large BDSM kink communities


  • Fake profiles
  • TrustPilot has too many negative reviews

Passion.Com Fancy Hopping Site

Highlights and Features

  • Tabs pull up information about new members, member areas, advanced search
  • You can search by gender, relationship, location, sex and username
  • Your views, friends messages and favorite counters will be displayed.
  • Check out blogs created by other users
  • Send flirts to receive
  • Like the Facebook function, you can update your status on your profile.
  • 90 million members registered and 10,000 online at any time
  • Website worldwide with members from all parts of the world
  • You can make private calls with other members may be the right place for you if you don’t consider yourself to be too sophisticated for Adult Friend Locator and you prefer to meet up after you have thrown off the elegant dresses, high heels, suits or suits.

You can create profiles and add people to it as ‘interests’. Then you can check if they are interested in you back. It makes it easier to message them than sites like AFF and KinkyHookup where you may not know if they are interested. Pros

  • Since the 90s
  • Excellent user interface. I was immediately at ease.
  • People love sex.
  • This is the easiest website to use
  • Communication via webcam
  • Register quickly


  • Android does not have mobile support
  • Bots send random messages
  • Many fake profiles and inactive profiles
  • These are some of my favorite commercials from 2008, which makes me wonder what the hell that was.

R4R Subreddits The Best Free Hookup Site For Swingers, Hotwifes and Cuckolding

Highlights and Features

  • Moderators
  • Follow these rules
  • Register and create a post
  • Redditors love this familiar format
  • 66,000 people belong to the Swingersr4r but only 200 are online/ 52,000 are members of HotWifeRequests but only 100 online
  • You will need to be verified before you can join these groups
  • Sorted by Hot New, Controversial Top, Rising
  • Compact, Classic Reddit and Card make it easy to read messages
  • Share, Save, Hide or Report Posts
  • Sections for FAQ, Rules, Guides and Posts

Visit Reddit

Many ‘R4R’ subreddit communities are good places to find a hookup or swinger partner, cuckold, cuck bull, or wife.

Reddit has a problem. Everyone can see your comments unless you send them a message. You don’t know the person behind it so they can catfish you at any time. Reddit required me to do more research to find the right person.

  • Use it completely free of charge
  • It’s easy to do
  • Before you send them a message, you can learn a lot about the person by looking at their posts.
  • These people post a lot of hardcore photos of themselves everyday.


  • People prefer to keep their bodies hidden, not their faces.
  • This group has limited information

OkCupid The Best Free Hookup Site/Best Hookup Site For Teens and College Students

Highlights and Features

  • Profiles reveal a lot about the person.
  • Users of Apple iOS (4.4) or Google Android (4.4), are welcome
  • The icon shows who visited your profile
  • There are 22 genders and 14 sexual orientations
  • Matching algorithms that are based on math diagrams from questionnaires

Check out OkCupid is a totally free site. You can search for casual sex using different filters and settings on this site. Sometimes you might meet people looking for relationships. However, it is possible to skip these people and move on to the next group of people.

Your teen dating website is here and many of the girls I met on it were a little too young. Lofonda is the name I’ll give Lofonda, the girl I met. Straight up, she lied about everything. So I let her go to Five Guys and let her have a bite.

OkCupid will require you to perform some detective and investigative work because of the catfishing attempts. Pros

  • Attracts young people, 20s and 30somethings
  • This is the most popular and hottest dating site among this generation
  • Dating tips for profiles
  • Smooth user interface
  • It is user-friendly, easy to use and free
  • To not harass anyone, you must agree to their terms of services. You can also be banned or behave.


  • Inactive profiles
  • Group chatting is not available
  • You will mainly find freaks, as quality of women is non-existent
  • This site was a haven for scammers from West Africa and hackers from Western countries.
  • Women may not reply to their messages because they have too many.

Craigslist Activities (Formerly Craigslist People) Best Free Web Hookup Site & Local Personals

Highlights and Features

  • Simple layout
  • Search by Zip Code
  • You can change the cities to localize your results
  • Briefing the poster about his age, whereabouts, and what he is searching for

Visit Craigslist

Craigslist Personals was probably a popular hookup site between 2001 and 2018. The FOSTA-SESTA law, which was passed by Congress in 2018, saw the personals section shut down.

First, I panicked. I had been using personals for 5 years to find casual sexual encounters whenever I needed them. Even though I stopped using them, I continued to check out personals because I enjoyed the missed encounters, naked photos, and the passion that went along with it.

The hookup scene felt like it was over after a takedown.

After a while, everyone started posting in the “Activities” section of craigslist sex (top right corner of the CL homepage). It’s still active in late 2019, just like it was before the shutdown.

Craigslist Activities has one major drawback. You can’t post nudes and the posts are more private. Your time will be easy if you don’t mention trading money.

The contact information for the person who is interested in your post usually appears at the bottom of each post. To determine if they are the right person for you, you will need to review their proposals. You would then need to get to meet them, exchange photos and ask questions. Craigslist is a great way to start.

I hope that the new law will be repealed and Craigslist personals can be reestablished as the most popular adult hookup site. To help you find the best Craigslist personals options, I have created a list . Pros

  • No cost
  • It’s so easy to do!
  • Straight to the point: local m4w or m4m hookups


  • Many users don’t have photos
  • Too much energy and time: You cannot email prospects unless they include their phone number, snap, or kik in the post
  • There is no verification; anyone can post on CL
  • Manually search to locate the Personals and Activities sections.

Ashley Madison The Best Hookup Site For Married People & Casual Sex

Highlights and Features

  • You can hide your identity by using a digital mask to cover your Avatar and face picture
  • To send messages, men must pay
  • It can be used on Apple (iOS), or Google Play (Android).
  • Since 2001, there have been almost 60 million members and this number is growing rapidly
  • There are too many men there. Good luck fighting the stampede of bulls!

Ashley Madison

Sometimes, people find themselves trapped in their marriages and need to be free. Ashley Madison is a website that assists married women to find free hookups.

To be on this site, you need to have money.

This site is mainly for women in their 30s and 40s. It’s the most tense time of a woman’s life. She wants to feel youthful again and have fun before reaching her old age. She might try to find her a young stud even though she is older. You can have some of the most intense and fun hookups if you combine this with a sexually free marriage.

This site allowed me to meet about half of the women I messaged and half of those dates turned into sex. I was also given gifts by the women, which I gladly accepted. However, I would not consider myself a sugar baby. This ratio isn’t even close to what you see on other sites.

This site has a downside. You are encouraging people to cheat on their partners. This is not cool. It’s okay, though. You can decide if this is right for you, and if you are willing to try it. Pros

  • Sign up for free
  • The world’s population is diverse
  • Safely allowing women to cheat without being caught
  • Data encryption protection stronger than ever
  • Most older men are not attractive, so if your looking for a good look, you’ll fly like an eagle
  • Ashley Madison has a loyal user base. There is always someone who would be willing to meet up with you.


  • Famous hacker ended relationships with suicides, divorces, and settlements (but that didn’t stop men getting on there).
  • There are very few women in the group, so you will have to compete with other men for the prize.
  • There are not many YouTube videos about Ashley Madison, because who wants to admit cheating?
  • Sinful energy; encourages infidelity
  • Fake profiles and bots reported in reports
  • Too many negative reviews
  • Advertisements

Tinder The Best and Easiest Way to Hookup

Highlights and Features

  • Auto-renewal
  • Paid subscription
  • 500-word max character description
  • iTunes and Google Play App
  • 50 million users in more than 190 countries
  • To prevent catfishing, you must sign up on Facebook
  • You can change your location if you’re traveling to any city with a Passport feature
  • Famous matchmaking system using Swipe left or Swipe right features
  • A quick summary of the user based on location, age, and sexual orientation


You’re familiar with Tinder’s Swipe left/Swipe right features when you meet someone. I’ve matched up with so many people from my area that I was certain there would be a lot of pussy.


  • Affordable: Only $10 per month for those under 30, and $20 per month for those over 30
  • It is easy to use the app
  • Lightning-fast matches


  • All those swipes can cause severe hand pain
  • Fake profiles: There is no photo verification. Anyone can upload any image.
  • Men are more likely to be successful than women
  • People of low quality
  • Bad user interface
  • You will need to look through at least 100 profiles to find one.
  • Some people don’t have enough matches

Grindr Best Gay Hookup Site/App

Highlights and Features

  • Safe and comfortable space for LGBTQ hookups
  • Check out who ‘Viewed you’
  • Be proud to provide equality for all
  • Help Center
  • Promoting positive sexual health and STD testing is encouraged


Grindr is an excellent website for gay men who are looking for sex and hookups around the world. It also promotes sexual health in the LGBT community.

Grindr LLC is located in West Hollywood, a notorious gay area. One can conclude that the company is owned and operated by the same people who use the website. Ownership can change from one company to the next, sometimes like a game. There are entities that continue buying and selling this popular website at higher prices every time.

To sign up, you will need a verification code sent to your email. After verification is complete, you can add your name and optional photo to your profile. Once you have been accepted, you will see three gay men in a row. The ones with small green dots at the lower lefthand corner of their introduction photos will be online.

For people aged 17+, the Grindr app is available on Google and Android. The Android app was downloaded by 10+ million people. However, I am unable to see the numbers as I don’t own an iOS-operated device so I cannot tell the exact number. Grindr is #60 among all social networking apps in iTunes.

  • Great for finding M4M hookups/sex
  • Profiles are easy to navigate and use
  • 100% free
  • Reach worldwide


  • App only; no desktop website version
  • The majority of men are sex addicts, which could be considered a positive for some.
  • Before opening an account, you will be asked to provide a number.

Fetlife Best Fetish Website

Highlights and Features

  • A place to kink
  • Android app
  • You can search for members, events, and other kinks
  • 12 Sexual orientations

Visit Fetlife

My personal fetish is called “jizzon jeans”. I love it when women bend over in tight jeans with cum on them. I don’t know the origin of this deep psychological fetish, but it is there.

I was able find my dream model, and she understood me and didn’t judge. Fetlife will help you find someone who shares your fetish.

  • To prevent people posting negative words like rape, incest, or blood, they block words containing these negatives.
  • Secure your private information with SSL encryption technology
  • All-inclusive community
  • Simple to use


  • Predators and crazies love to breed in the fetishes. Some fetishes can be kept private.
  • Nigerian scammers pretend to be fetsers.
  • Manipulative people
  • Many gays
  • Low response rate The Best Hookup Site for Women

Highlights and Features

  • Available for Android
  • Sugar Baby University teaches women how to entertain men properly
  • 13 Million users, growing from more than 149 countries
  • For 10 messages, men can send free to 10 people
  • To get Sugarbaby’s attention, men can purchase items from her Amazon Wishlist.
  • Mobile payments, PayPal and credit cards
  • You can see who has viewed, liked, and saved your favorites
  • This site was featured in respected publications such as Wall Street Journal, Business Insider and CNN.
  • The search tool will display different girls based on their body type, education, hobbies and language. You can find out more

Visit Seeking Arrangements aka SeekingArrangement, is a great website if you’re a woman interested in finding a rich guy and love.

This site connects wealthy men who are at least millionaires with average-income women. The site can also help wealthy women find young studs. However, this is less common in my testing.

This might be a good option if you enjoy the idea of having someone take care of your needs and fly you to Greece on your first date.
It is not surprising that a man who has been successful enough to become rich will have done something worthwhile. This site is a hub for hypergamy, which is the act of women marrying into higher classes.


  • Background checks are done on all men who visit the site to prevent backmail
  • There are so many to choose from
  • To avoid unexpected charges, there is no automatic recurring billing


  • Girls in desperate need
  • Too many fake profiles
  • Expect sex only when you’re ready
  • Men: You will need to disclose information about your income
  • This website is not for Splenda Dads looking for quick fucks without a financial gift.

Plenty of Fish Another Website for One Night Stands

Highlights and Features

  • International hookup site that thousands of people join every day
  • Fishes are known all over the globe.
  • People can be very direct about what they want, and won’t hesitate to hurt your feelings.
  • Android and iOS apps
  • You can search for information about your education, income, age and sex.
  • The Relationship Chemistry Predictor will help you match your partner with the answers to 73 questions about your family, personality, perspective, and outlook on life.

Seek out Plenty of Fish

Plenty of Fish has plenty of women looking to meet a man. This website has proven to be a great place for me to have sex. Because most of the women on this site are average, I have had the best sex.

There are also many low-quality catfishes or women who come from poor backgrounds. It can be hard to find quality dates with them as some of them are simply too weird. These are the women you can take to Kentuckian Fried Chicken and get some biscuits. They’ll also give you some buns. These women look just like the Jerry Springer episodes or were raised in Chernobyl.

Another issue is the sheer number of young girls in this area. You might want to see the driver’s license and ID of any girl you meet who seems like she is into you. She may be young if she appears young. Pros

  • Quick
  • No cost
  • Popular; lots of fish
  • This is a great way to make booty calls
  • Matching members requires a personality assessment


  • People are primarily interested in sex. I repeat: NEVER seek a long-term relationship.
  • Too many men
  • Too many young folks
  • Paid accounts are not good
  • There is no video chat option
  • You can’t upload videos of your own.
  • Cunts and assholes