More than a date, Meet exciting people : C-Date Review

Isn’t hooking up a lot of fun? The answer to that is probably “yes” if you have no problem with it, and those are the kinds of people that C-Date is aimed at. Continue reading this review to get all the info on C Date.

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There’s nothing wrong with wanting to date someone with the intention to become more, but that kind of situation is not for everyone. Some people prefer their fun on the more casual side of the spectrum.

For those people who do, using a website to meet people to hookup with is a practical solution. After all, the people you meet online are just as random as those you could meet in a building, so why not go for it?ENTER C-DATE FOR FREE

First, Why Use C-Date?

One of the most annoying things about trying to hookup with someone is when it’s made into something more than it is. People struggle with calling a spade a spade, and that’s where C-Date helps people to keep the record straight.

C-Date doesn’t pretend to be a dating site, regardless of what its name may indicate. The site design and description clearly establish what the site is about, which is helping horny adults to turn things up in the bedroom.

Since everyone who is a member of the site knows this and joined the site for that reason, there’s no confusion surrounding what the site members are looking for.FIND LOCALS ON C-DATE

What is C-Date?

The site bills itself as one that helps like-minded, single adults can use to have satisfying casual encounters. Many complications can occur when setting up a hookup, so it’s nice to have a platform that simplifies the whole process, so it’s not a nightmare.

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C-Date doesn’t wait on its members to use the search feature to find matches. It does work that way, but there is also a constantly running algorithm that continuously inspects profiles and makes recommendations based on your preferences and that of other persons.CREATE YOUR C-DATE PROFILE

My Experience and C-Date Review

About three months ago, my husband of six years, and I finalized our divorce. Honestly, it was my fault. I was one of those girls in college who slept around a lot. Of course, word gets around, and you’re pretty much branded for life.

Regardless of all that, the man who eventually became my husband always treated me like more, and that’s what made me fall for him. I’m not sure why, but that sexually explorative side of me never went away.

We got married almost immediately after college ended, and we settled down (at least he did). He wasn’t the best in bed, but he wasn’t bad either. My issue was that I had so many partners prior to him that I had experienced much better.

I know it’s not a good thing, but I wanted to keep having those experiences. I told him, and he put in his best effort, but he just couldn’t bring me to certain heights. I didn’t want to start an affair or anything, so I started hooking up behind his back.

Eventually, I decided to tell him because what I was doing was wrong, and he deserved to know. In response, he decided that he wanted a divorce, and I couldn’t blame him for wanting to handle it that way based on what I’d been doing.

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I cried a lot throughout the process, but I knew he was the one that deserved compassion in this equation. I was the unfaithful wife, after all. After it was over, I was still very sad about the whole thing, but the stupid urges just never go away.

The whole ordeal made me sour to hooking up with people I knew, so I wanted some fresh faces this time around. It was a male friend of mine that told me about C-Date, and I knew he was still living the lifestyle I was in college.

He and I had similar tastes (we used to hookup regularly), so I figured it was a good recommendation. I decided to sign-up, and it was a very simple process.

What I didn’t know is that females got to use all the premium features for free. I found a guy who was “my type” almost instantly, and we were at it in his bed the next night.

This is who I am, I suppose. I’m sorry I hurt someone who loved me, but sex is my drug. C-Date helps me get it, so I may be on the site for a while.CHECK OUT MY PROFILE

From Signing Up to Hooking Up on C Date

The C-Date signup process is a very short one that aims to find out your basic details and what you are looking for on the site. To this end, you’re asked to provide an e-mail address, a password, your gender, the experience you desire, your sexual preference, how you discovered the site, and what you look like.

Once you fill that in, you simply confirm your registration from your inbox, and that’s it! You can jump in and have fun.SIGNUP HERE FOR FREE

Who Uses C Date?

C-Date is used by many kinds of people who have various erotic tastes. That’s the reason for the in-depth discovery and customization. The only similarity is that they all want to have a hookup experience with someone they meet online.IS C DATE FOR YOU?

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C-Date Features

The features of C-Date are as follows:

  • Contact proposal which suggests people who meet your requirements directly to your e-mail inbox
  • Erotic type determination based on selections of five images. This is used to tailor your experience
  • Photo blurring when needed
  • A spread of various kinds of members
  • A well-built search feature for precision matchmaking
  • Language switching

Pros and Cons of C-Date

The upsides of using C-Date include the following:

  • Mobile optimized
  • Free premium membership for females
  • Great male to female ratio
  • Easy to use
  • Sleek and modern interface
  • Continuous automated matchmaking

The cons of using C-Date are:

  • Free account is limited for men
  • Not all profiles have enough information.

Other C-Date Customer Reviews

A few C-Date users had these remarks:

  • “The majority of the persons I’ve hooked up with were found for me automatically. I think that’s a nice little touch I’ve only seen on C-Date.”
  • “This site is the bomb! After being scammed (twice), I would know.”
  • “Thank you, C-Date, for ending my three-month drought :-D.”


Safety and Security

The site is secured by SSL encryption, which prevents unwanted parties from having access to your information. Fake accounts are also prohibited and are filtered out based on the registration process at signup. Make sure to check out the privacy and term pages.

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My Final Verdict

C-Date is one of the best hookup sites for you to signup on. The great male to female ratio means finding matches is simplified, plus you have consistent automatic matchmaking.

It is a highly recommended site for you to use.