Best Gay Dating Sites and Hookup Apps – Find the Perfect M4M Fling

It is estimated that 20% of all US online dating profiles are seeking the same-sex partner. This is a lot of men! I have learned a lot about online gay love from spending a lot time on gay dating websites and sex app sites. Unfortunately, there are always dickheads and no gay dating website or app is perfect. Some are better than others, but they all work.

Top Gay Dating Sites and Hookup Apps

  1. Adult Friends Finder Hookup and Dating
  2. Ashley Madison Personal Hookup and Dating
  3. No String Attached
  4. Cams (Chatting online)

This list of gay hookup websites and dating apps covers all bases. This list has all the top gay websites, whether you are looking for casual sex or cruising spots. Some of these sites require subscriptions but others have free or decently priced versions. What are the best sites to hook up? What gay app is the best? Let’s get started!

Gay Sex Site Honorable Mentions

There are a lot of gay apps available these days. I could not include them all in this list. Here are some honorable mentions to check out.

– Squirt – Squirt is a relatively new dating site that doesn’t require any payment. However, it’s mostly used to hookup local people.

– Tinder – Many gay Tinder users use the “swipe right” app to search for love, relationships and dating.

– Silver Daddies – Silver Daddies is an old-fashioned gay dating site for mature men and their admirers. Many of these are younger twinks/sissies.

Nasty Kink Pigs – In case you didn’t know, Nasty Kink Pigs sex website is aimed at gay men who are looking for hookups and fetishes such as leather and BDSM.

– Scruff – Scruff, a Grindr alternative, tends to target older men and traditionally “masculine” men. However, they have become more inclusive in recent times.

– Growlr – Growlr, a gay sex app, was created with bears in mind. Growlr is great for large, hairy men or those who like large, hairy men.

– R/Bros4Bros This subreddit allows male homosexual Redditors to post their naughty photos and flirt with each other.

– Recon – Recon is a gay sex site for fetishists and leather daddies. It also caters to BDSM lovers and men seeking master/slave relationships.

Tips to Create Your Gay Hookup Site Profile

It can be difficult to present yourself to potential husbands through gay dating sites. Here are some tips to help.

1. Ask a friend for help

Although it may sound cliché, well-known gay dating sites such as recommend that you get a friend to help with your dating profile. Why? We are human beings and we tend to be focused on the negative aspects of ourselves. This is why we need to learn to accept them. A good friend can identify your positive qualities and features from an outsider’s perspective.

2. Use 4 pictures in different settings

Use 4 photos for your online dating profile if the website/app allows. Professional matchmakers recommend that you use 4 photos taken in different settings and angles. This allows you to showcase different aspects of your life (i.e. You don’t have to be vain or self-centered.

3. You have specific interests

I don’t like profiles that list their interests in “Food.” Coffee. Movies”. Yawn. This could be a thousand things. Are you into Mediterranean food? Arabica Coffee? Austrian Science Fiction Movies From the 1930s Give people something to break the ice with!

4. Check your spelling

Some people are grammar gurus like me. Before publishing your profile, you may want to check your spelling and grammar. Grammarly, an integrated spellchecker app that can check your spelling and grammar, is a great option if you aren’t a natural writer. Poor spelling and sentences can make it seem a little dumb when you’re looking for love.

Gay Hookup Apps: Tips

Grindr and Jack’d make it easy to find “hot men near you” with these apps. There are some rules you can follow to maximize your chances of meeting casual gay sex in the area.

1. Do not send mixed messages

Your bio may say you are “just looking for friendship”, but your profile picture shows you in a skimpy jockstrap. This makes it seem like you don’t know what you want. Do not say one thing and then suggest another!

2. A face pic is always more appealing

Some men want a discreet gay hookup. If you are openly gay and don’t mind if people see you on a LGBTQ+ app then a face picture is much more trustworthy-feeling.

3. Be careful about how you describe your preferences

People have different preferences for body types and appearances. That’s fine. However, you should be careful how you write this information in your bio to avoid appearing too bigoted. After many Grindr users were criticised for using the phrase, “no fats no fems” became a common meme in LGBTQ+ culture. While it’s okay to not be attracted by Black men, saying “No Black men” in your profile is rude.

4. Take a decent dick pic

Although we may not be all Annie Leibovitzs, basic photography skills can make a big difference. Many websites offer tips and tricks on how to take a dick photo. This means you don’t have to worry about taking a terrible picture of your Johnson. I’d suggest shooting it from below. Clean up your pubs and find soft lighting. Don’t put a ruler or coke can next to it. We get it. It’s massive.

Gay Hookup Apps and Gay Dating Sites: The Best Gay Dating Sites

Adult Friend Locator – Best Gay Dating Site Overall

Highlights and Features

  • Conceived with casual sex as a goal
  • Many gay singles and couples are looking for hookups
  • Aimed at a mature audience
  • Mobile options available
  • You can also access live cams and member videos.

Visit the Adult Friend Locator

Adult FriendFinder is often used to refer to straight people. However, it can also be used to hook up with gay couples. It features a lot of singles and couples who are looking for hot sex. AFF can be described as a one-stop shop. It allows you to organize gay sex hookups, plan dates, view live webcams, and even watch member-generated porn. This is not a sexy gay hookup website.


  • Multi-purpose website: Cams, videos and chat. Hook-ups available.
  • This is a great way to organize sex sessions
  • There are also options for transgender people
  • Everybody is there for the same reason: sex!


  • This is not a gay-only platform
  • The better version will cost you more
  • Asks some intrusive questions

Out Personals – Best Gay Personals

Highlights and Features

  • This is a great place to meet people, regardless of whether you are looking for a partner or just a hookup.
  • This is for “out” users who don’t need to be discrete.
  • Additional features include “hottest user photos” or “hottest video” sections
  • Dick pics galore
  • Webcam flirting options

Check out Personals

Everyone seems to have their dick on Out Personals! Out Personals is the right site for gay singles looking for an open and honest site. As you look through the member’s areas, you’ll see a mix of smiley faces and exposed penises. Pros

  • It’s easy to flirt using messaging, live chat, photos and more
  • Browse through profiles to find local hook-ups
  • There is a free option, but it’s basic
  • Perfect for casual interactions


  • Site layouts that are very complex need to be simplified
  • Site has a spammy feeling
  • To do anything worthwhile, you will need to have a paid membership

Gays2Fuck The Top Gay Fuck Website

Highlights and Features

  • Filters men according to your preference (twinks or bears, etc.).
  • You can choose whether you want to see men with “big dick”, tight ass, or hard abs.
  • Let’s look at pictures of attractive fellas that match your criteria.
  • Constructed with hook-ups as a primary focus


Gays2Fuck, an unusual gay hookup website, narrows down your options straight away to twinks bears and “everyone”. I find this a bit too broad considering the many types of gay men. Although the site is open about its purpose (gaysex), it feels a bit dated and clickbaity.

  • Unusual idea and style
  • Look at the fellas you are most likely to be attracted by
  • You can see naked photos right away


  • It’s almost too good to be true
  • A little clickbaity feeling
  • For age verification, the agent asks for your credit card but says “not to charge it”. That’s a scam!

Grindr – Best Gay Hookup App

Highlights and Features

  • Based on your current GPS position, find other users
  • Simple and fast messaging
  • The closest users are the first to come up
  • Both free and paid options
  • It can be used to discreetly gay date

Visit Grindr

Grindr’s unique grid system is what makes it stand out. It shows men closest to you first. It’s great for meeting guys in your area. You can also choose to not use a display photo, keeping it discreet if needed. Grindr bios let you tell people about yourself, such as your gender and whether or not you are a top or a bottom. You can also identify as an “otter”, “twink”, “bear” or “otter”. Grindr is the most well-known and popular gay dating app.

  • It’s easy to find gay men in your area
  • You can easily find men who are looking for sex, or men who wish to date/chat with others by using a simple layout and detailed bios
  • You can view who has viewed your profile
  • One of the most loved gay hookup apps worldwide
  • Scroll infinitely with the Paid Version


  • There is a lot of competition. People can lose interest fast.
  • Not ideal for dating
  • The free version comes with ads and restrictions
  • There is no Grindr online. It must be downloaded to your phone.

GaysTryst Best Gay Dating Website

Highlights and Features

  • Filters for appearance and unhealthy habits, religion, body type, and sexual orientation
  • This is a gay dating site that focuses more on hook-ups than gay dating
  • Pictures that are sexually explicit are not allowed
  • It’s simple and intuitive


Although it seems like there are millions of gay cruising apps, what about gay men looking for emotional intimacy and dates? We do exist! GaysTryst, a gay dating site, has no explicit photos. It is perfect for finding a partner, without having to deal with blokes who send you unwelcome dick photos 24/7.

  • GayTryst is not for dick photos – the majority of users are looking for serious relationships.
  • Gay-exclusive dating site for LGBT+
  • It’s easy to filter out guys you are unlikely to get along with
  • Locate Mr. Find Mr.


  • A subscription fee is required.
  • If you are in a remote area, there may not be many people around.

OkCupid – The Best Gay Dating Site For Long-Term Love

Highlights and Features

  • This questionnaire asks you questions about your values, and what you are looking for.
  • Find hot men in your local area with similar interests and desires.
  • Ideal for use on a laptop or PC, but a mobile version is also available
  • There is a wide age range and a lot of diversity
  • This can be used to find hookups or fuckbuddies but is designed for serious dating.

Check out OkCupid

OkCupid is a great gay dating site. I have used it a few times. Although there are many straight users on OkCupid, the majority of OkCupid’s LGBTQ+ men are looking for long-term relationships and serious dating. The site will ask you questions about your politics, religion, smoking, finances and other important lifestyle factors when you create a profile. This helps you find the right match for you. You can also search specific topics to find men who are interested in the same things you are. Some of these subjects are very specific. Unfortunately, not all men are as passionate about ’90s Heavy Metal as I am. It was worth the effort.

  • Match users based upon their beliefs and values
  • The tendency to be more liberal and open-minded.
  • Search for men who share your interests
  • Many fun features to match people
  • It’s still a great deal to get a free version
  • Bright, vibrant colors


  • There are a lot of profiles that have been deleted.
  • There are not many people living in remote areas.

Jack’d – Most Diverse Gay App

Highlights and Features

  • Global messaging – Talk to locals before you arrive in their country
  • It is well-known for its ethnic diversity
  • Chat with users in your area using location-based chat
  • Check out who has viewed your profile
  • Information and data about how frequently users respond
  • Multiple profile photos in grid layout
  • Anonymous browsing

Visit Jack’d

Jack’d, which is similar to Grindr but uses a grid of men near you, has a user interface that isn’t as intuitive as Grindr. It does allow you to use a “global” messaging service where you can type in the name and talk to men at the same location. You can arrange to meet locals if you are planning a trip to NYC. Jack’d is known for being extremely diverse and I was pleased to discover that it’s true. Pros

  • Popular among LGBTQ+ people of colour – Very diverse user base
  • Before you go, talk to people in the area.
  • The free version is quite good, while the paid version is fairly affordable
  • Unlimited messaging
  • If you don’t want to create an account, you can log in through Facebook


  • After blocking someone, you can’t unblock them
  • Security policy prevents you from taking screenshots

Sniffies – Great for Finding Gay Cruising Sites

Highlights and Features

  • It shows you the locations of local users and cruising spots in a map around the world
  • This will tell you the distance to the closest cruising spot.
  • You can “lurk”, as an anonymous user, on the site
  • It is simple and easy to understand


Sniffies is a site that helps you find gay cruising spots in your area. Sniffies is the website for you if you like to go old-school. They can help you find your closest glory hole, cottaging bathroom, or public sex parks. Although it isn’t for everyone, it’s an excellent way to get homo hook-ups. Pros

  • You can browse your local area anonymously
  • Find out the location of your nearest cruising spots
  • A detailed map shows you the men closest to you
  • Sites similar to it are not as spammy
  • It is easy to use and navigate


  • Some areas have a small user base
  • Users profiles are too easy
  • I think it needs some more features

Hornet – Top-rated Gay Community App

Highlights and Features

  • Gay community app – basically, a social network that integrates with m4m dating
  • Check out what your neighbors are talking about and posting about
  • Stay connected to LGBTQ+ stories and media
  • It can be used to hookups, dating and chatting as well as scrolling through social media accounts.
  • It’s a great way to get involved with the local LGBTQ+ community

Visit Hornet

Hornet is more than a gay dating app. It’s basically Facebook meets Grindr. Although you can hook up with other men, it is not the main purpose of Hornet. Hornet is a social network for LGBTQ+ men in your area and beyond. You can view the posts, photos, and stories that local LGBTQ+ men have shared. This is a great way to make friends and start a conversation with men. Pros

  • Stay connected to your local LGBTQ+ group
  • You can find interesting topics and icebreakers to share with men nearby.
  • Grindr-style messaging system divided between Facebook-style social media feeds
  • It is very comfortable and wholesome.
  • Gay app dating that is versatile – can be used to do multiple things


  • The premium version is more expensive, but it does require payment.
  • It is not the biggest user base

Craigslist The Best Gay Personals Website

Highlights and Features

  • Gay sex anonymously
  • Also suitable for escorting and renting boys
  • It is easy to arrange local hookups or sex parties
  • It tends to be frequented mainly by slightly older users

Visit Craigslist

Craigslist is an excellent option if you are looking for gay sex in your area, but you have exhausted all other gay dating apps. Craigslist hookups can still be found in the “activities”, even though this notorious website was forced to close its “personals” section due to trafficking concerns. Pros

  • It’s easy to remain anonymous
  • Ideal for discreet hook-ups
  • It can be used to rent boys or escorts.
  • Very popular, especially in areas with large LGBT+ communities
  • Share your exact location on a map


  • It can feel a bit seedy
  • Some posts can seem a little strange – use your intuition
  • Website design overall is quite dated

Adam4Adam – Excellent for Gay Dating and Flirting

Highlights and Features

  • Explore 5 different grids – Find out who is nearby, who’s going, who’s hot, who’s famous, and who’s featured
  • There are 27 filters to help you filter your age, height and body type.
  • Unlimited chat and unlimited photo messaging
  • There is also a gay sex shop, and gay webcams

Visit Adam4Adam

Adam4Adam has become a major player in the gay community. It now offers a sex shop and cam boys as well as its app. There’s also a porn website. You can access it online and on your smart phone, so you can use them in the most convenient way. You can use it for casual sex as well as serious dating. According to their homepage, “Mr. You can find “Mr. Right Now” It feels very similar to Grindr as an app. It actually has more filters and options than Grindr!

  • Grindr is like Grindr but with more options, and less timewasters
  • A versatile gay site that is ideal for dating or just a one-night stand.
  • There are many filters and grids that can be used to find guys who have specific interests or intentions.
  • These are very popular in urban areas
  • It’s quick and easy to get started


  • The app is difficult to use and a bit glitchy
  • Profils could be more specific
  • Adam4Adam porn website makes it feel a little less expensive


  • Video chat
  • Date functions
  • Live cameras
  • Follow these Sexy Snapchats
  • Social Media Functions


  • Video chat
  • Date functions
  • Live cameras
  • Follow these Sexy Snapchats
  • Social Media Functions