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A name is a very powerful thing, and the word Loveaholics tends to create a certain impression in your mind. It sounds like its members are drunk on love, doesn’t it? To be fair, it’s not an all-out sex-fest like some of the other sites out there. Want to see if this site is for you? Continue reading my review.

You can find a lot of variety on Loveaholics, which means that you can satisfy many different desires. The truth is that you can find love there, if that’s what you want. There are many people on the site looking for someone to start something serious with.

On the flip side, some members are just looking to have some fun in a casual manner.


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First, Why Use Loveaholics?

Loveaholics is the best place for you to relax and to find what you want in the company of other like-minded persons. The only requirements are for you to be at least 18 years old, and for you to be open to finding your happy place online.

That place can be in someone’s heart or in someone’s bed. There are many members on the site who are looking for the same thing you are, so there’s no need to doubt your chances of success.

Keep an open mind and explore as much as you can. Only you can take charge of your love or sex life, but Loveaholics can give you a big boost!


What is Loveaholics?

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This is a legitimate dating and hookup site that is a hidden gem among a sea of scams waiting to waste your time and money.

The membership policy is one of the reasons for the site’s balanced gender composition. Everyone knows that men are more likely to look around on these sites than women are. What if the women were incentivized, though?

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Women can send messages and access membership features for free, while men must subscribe to paid memberships. Some may think that’s unfair, but what do you prefer? A site that has many real women or a site that is filled to the brim with fake profiles and bots to waste time?

The aesthetic of the site is pleasing to the eyes, and using it is a cakewalk. It should be said that while the site is conducive to both flings and long-term commitments, most members seem to be interested in a hookup and nothing more.

The user base is not the largest in the world. However, the users that are present are guaranteed to be real people, who are looking for other real people to satisfy their needs.


My Experience and Loveaholics Review

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I can never understand why most girls are so scared of using online platforms for dating or hookups. I think once you pay attention and look for certain cues, it isn’t hard to separate the creeps from the genuine guys who are worth giving your time to.

My only gripe with online platforms has always been the fact that they are saturated with men. The ratio is always off, and you can usually tell. Being one of the “real” girls on those sites is always a pain because everyone bombards me.

It’s like the search feature doesn’t do its filtering job well. There’s no way I could be what so many men are looking for.

Prior to Loveaholics, I had only hooked up with two guys across a myriad of dating sites, and about three across just as many hookup sites. So, I know these sites can work, but they just don’t flow the way they should.

I know I really wanted one that just worked though, and I was determined to search until I found even a half-decent one. Several months ago, Loveaholics was the next stop on my journey.

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As I did my research, I saw something that made me believe that this would be a different experience. I didn’t need to pay to use the good stuff! It made sense too. Not many of us girls use these things because we’re chased in person anyways.

We can always just choose which chaser we want. However, when you aren’t charging women, then they feel as if they have nothing to lose, which means you get more of them on your site.

After signing up, I waited two weeks to see if I’d be bombarded, and I wasn’t. It was such a pleasant surprise. I started talking to this guy I searched and found, and he was so respectful. We discussed where we stood on everything hookup-related, and I agreed to meet him after becoming comfortable.

We met and had a very fun evening that was topped off by a couple of enjoyable rounds of sex. That’s the way most of my experiences have gone since too, so I’m sticking with Loveaholics.


From Signing Up to Hooking Up on

It takes less than five minutes to get started on Loveaholics. There’s a simple form for your e-mail address, password, gender, preferences, birthdate, and postcode.

Once you finish with that, you’re in, and you can start messaging sexy singles as you work to arrange a hookup.


Loveaholics Features

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What are some of the helpful features of Loveaholics? Check these out:

  • View profile visitors
  • Send friend requests with winks
  • Online dating guide
  • Blog posts for viewing
  • Chatrooms
  • Dating tips
  • Advanced search options
  • Send flirt casts

Who Uses Loveaholics?

Loveaholics is used by many kinds of people. The similarity between these people is that they’re all looking for their form of happiness.

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That could be a partner to grow old with or someone to explore various fetishes with. There is a lot of diversity, which is what makes the chance of success so high.

Pros and Cons of Loveaholics

Using Loveaholics yields the following advantages:

  • Fast registration
  • Data protection
  • Balanced male to female ratio
  • Easy to use
  • Great customer support
  • Chatrooms
  • Android and iOS support

Using Loveaholics has the following downsides:

  • The userbase is not as large as some other sites
  • Website design isn’t the most memorable

Other Loveaholics Customer Reviews

Do you want to know how some current users feel about Loveaholics? Check out these reviews:

  • “There’s a chill vibe on Loveaholics that I really enjoy. I don’t feel forced as I do on other dating sites. It’s why I stuck around to meet my current boyfriend of three months.”
  • “This is my favorite hookup site of all time! The ladies here are real, and since I’m no pig, they give me the time of day. I don’t need to commit, and I haven’t needed to.”
  • “If you’re not on Loveaholics, you’re doing online dating wrong. I proposed to my fiancée today whom I met there.”

Safety and Security

This is one of the very important sections, as you don’t want your information journeying to places that you haven’t authorized. Loveaholics does not engage in the dissemination of information to third parties for any reason.

Note that moderators are present to detect any of the few fake profiles that may get through the verification process to eliminate them. Make sure to check out the site’s privacy and terms page. Offensive content is also not tolerated.


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My Final Verdict

You don’t need to put yourself in a mold as you become a Loveaholics member. Just be true to what you want and go search for it. Someone is waiting for you, and you shouldn’t mess that up. Go signup and make yourself happy.