Matchmaking Site for singles – Be2 Dating Review for 2024

Did you come across the site Be2 and want to learn more? Are you interested in meeting with locals and hooking up? If so, you found the right site. Continue reading my review and see if Be2 is for you.

Matchmaking Site for singles

  1. Adult Friend Finder (Hookup and Dating)
  2. Ashley Madison ( Personal Hookup and Dating)
  3. No String Attached 
  4. Cams (Chatting Online)

One of the great things about being single is that you’re free to do whatever you want sexually. It’s not so cool when you’re out hooking up, and there’s someone waiting back home. However, when you’re on your lonesome, you can go as wild as you want without thinking too hard about the consequences.

When you do want to hookup though, there’s always the matter of who to hookup with. Maybe you have a super attractive best friend. However, can you really hookup with that person and avoid creating complications.

Sometimes when you consider the options around you, it’s best to just go the route of looking for a hookup online on a site like Be2. Doing so removes a lot of the complicated overhead you’d have to deal with otherwise.TRY Be2 FOR FREE

First, Why Use Be2?

Among a plethora of legitimate and fake hookup sites stands one that is more than just this year’s fad. Be2 has been bringing consenting adults together for sweet, sexy, juicy sexual encounters since 2004.

Try to remember when you were 15 years younger than you are now. That’s when Be2 first reared its head. Being around that long means that the site has not only been doing well, but it has also evolved through experiences to satisfy its members.

Many of the dating and hookup sites out there are based in the USA. Though there are worldwide members, the crowd outside of the United States is usually slim, which means that your chances of finding a match are not that great.

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Be2 is, however, a German company, which provides the same kind of functionality to a European audience.IS Be2 FOR YOU

What is Be2?

Be2 is a European based hookup network that is dedicated to helping its members find their ideal matches. It can do this because of the diversity of its current user base in areas such as gender, age, and sexual preferences.

This is also one of those rare sites where most of the user base is female. The margin is not a very large one, but it’s still an indication of the level of variety that is present on the site.

There are currently about 800,000 members on the site, and over 30,000 of these people are active daily.CREATE YOUR Be2 PROFILE

My Experience and Be2 Review

I’ve always been fascinated by the idea of an online hookup, but before Be2, I hadn’t taken the plunge to try to experience one. One of the reasons why I considered the online route was because of how my usual hookup encounters go.

Prior to Be2, the few guys I hooked up with were either friends or random guys that I knew. The problem was that because we knew each other, it always created a sense of awkwardness when it was over.

I don’t know about you, but things change between a person and me when I’ve had that person inside me. Unfortunately, it took me a few attempts to realize what a terrible idea that was.

Anyways, I eventually caught on, and my solution was to stop doing hookups altogether. I was briefly in a relationship, which made it blatantly obvious that I wasn’t even close to ready for commitment.

While I didn’t miss being tied down, I’d be lying if I said I didn’t miss the sex. So, I did the one thing my brain could think of to allow me to have sex without being bound to anyone. I started looking into online hookup sites.

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I realized that a lot of the sites I found were super fake. The ones that weren’t were mostly made of US nationals based on the reviews I was reading. That’s perfect if you live in the US, but when you like in the UK like me, that doesn’t help.

The first Europe based site I found was Be2. Now, I’m not a raunchy person. I like sex, but I don’t like anything too sexual in text or speech. That was another turn off for me with a lot of the other sites.

They seemed to be filled with porn. I honestly can’t call it anything else but damned porn. Be2 had a nice, chill vibe that I really got behind. They made the sign-up process very simple, and I was looking around in no time.

I took a little time to familiarize myself with the site’s layout, and then I started responding to two persons who reached out to me. Based on what I saw, they looked like my type. This is embarrassing to say, but I got laid by one of them that same day.

It felt good, but that was out of character for me. Still, I continued using Be2, and it’s been helping me maintain my sexual satisfaction.SEE MY Be2 PROFILE

From Signing Up to Hooking Up on Be2

The signup process for Be2 can be described as efficient. It’s not so short that it collects three pieces of data, but it’s also not long enough to discourage you from entry. It works like this:

  • Indicate your gender
  • Indicate the gender of the people you desire to hookup with
  • Enter an e-mail address
  • Choose a unique username
  • Set a password
  • Complete a short personality test
  • Enter your name, birthdate, profession, location, religious affiliation, and personality and appearance details
  • Select a profile picture

That can sound like a lot, but it isn’t very long. Once you’re done, you can proceed to start working on your first hookup.SIGNUP FOR FREE

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Be2 Features

Here are some of the features that Be2 offers:

  • A mostly European user base for those in that demographic
  • Template questions you can ask matches
  • Personality analysis for matchmaking
  • Multiple payment options with discrete names
  • Photo galleries
  • Favorites list

Safety and Security

You can rest assured that Be2 is no scam. One of the reasons why the user count isn’t in the millions after so many years is the constant fight against fakes.

You also have no information selling to be worried about. Check out their Privacy and FAQ page for more answers.SIGNUP SAFELY TO Be2

What Type of People are Using Be2?

The majority of the Be2 crowd consists of people in Europe who are looking to hookup. There are members in many other countries too, but the numbers are less.

Be2 accepts people of all races, religions, preferences, etc. It’s very inclusive, so the personality types are many.IS Be2 FOR YOU?

Pros and Cons of Be2

Here are some of the great things about Be2:

  • Profiles are complete
  • Amazing interface
  • Almost perfect matchmaking algorithm
  • Balanced gender count
  • Anonymity features

Here are the cons of Be2:

  • Most users are in Europe
  • Free accounts are limited

Other Be2 Customer Reviews

Here are a couple of reviews from Be2 users:

  • “Great hookup site for people in London. A spot of casual sex never hurt anyone.”
  • “A hookup site that does what it claims. Now there’s a shocker! No complaints though, as it’s made me a happy lady.”
  • “I must be the luckiest bloke on Be2. If it works this well for everyone, then all I can say is wow!”


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My Final Verdict

I think Be2 encapsulates all you could ever want in a hookup site in terms of features, the user base, and security. I recommend it for everyone, but just note that if you’re outside of Europe, you may have fewer match options.