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Sometimes, all you need to hear to get a message is a name, and InstaBang is giving a loud signal with its name. It’s very appropriate though, when you consider the nature of the site and how things flow after you’ve decided to sign-up.

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InstaBang is a casual’s site, and what else could it be with such a name? It’s certainly not the place for you to go looking for a long-term romantic relationship. Certainly, there’s nothing wrong with wanting that, but there’s a time and place for everything.

In this case, the time is now, and the place for you to find someone to bang quickly is InstaBang. Since the name sounds like “Instagram,” you may be inclined to believe that this website is a very young one.

What may surprise you is that the site has over 11 years of existence under its belt. Therefore, many people have found casual sex partners by using the site’s well-documented services. The name can be quite misleading in this regard.

It’s often said that you should steer clear of sites that play on the names of successful vanilla apps, such as Instagram.

When a dating or hookup site does this, it usually sends off red flags that make people wonder about its legitimacy and its ability to achieve the desired outcome.

Does InstaBang fall into this category of scams that are waiting to eat away at your hard-earned cash? If you want a definitive answer, the below review should cover all the bases you need.

First, Why Use InstaBang?

The nature of InstaBang is the reason you should become a member, assuming you’re not looking for any commitment or anything too serious.

Sometimes, you’re just a bit on the horny side, and you’d like someone to make your body feel good instead of touching yourself for the seventh time in a day.

This is where a hookup site such as InstaBang comes into play. You see, there are tons of likeminded people that just want to have some fun and return to their lives when it’s over.

These are the kind of people you need to be meeting, which means that you need to ensure that you are perfectly situated to pounce on the opportunity as soon as it arises. After all, not every site can be graced with a name, such as “the Instagram of sexual encounters.”

The site should be your premier choice because there isn’t another option with that “straight to the point attitude.” Don’t think that you should be rude to other members because of that. It’s much less fluff, but that doesn’t mean don’t use any fluff at all.

What is InstaBang?

More than likely, you have a very good understanding of what InstaBang is and exactly how it works. Be that as it may, you can never have too much information, right? Therefore, here’s a little run-through of it all.

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The first point is that the site developer is Global Personals LLC. That name may not jump out at you on its own, considering not many people keep track of the developer names in this nature of business.

When you’re horny, you have what is known as tunnel vision, because there’s only one thing that matters at that point. You need to satisfy that immense sexual appetite.

Even if you don’t recognize the developer name though, you may recognize the name “UberHorny.” Well, Global Personal LLC is the genius mastermind behind that site too.

It just goes to show that the team has an affinity for helping people to find sex partners to enjoy. In fact, if you’re a member of UberHorny, it has merit for a possible InstaBang membership.

Your UberHorny account can be used to access InstaBang with your membership perks and vice versa. Now, you have no excuse to remain horny and unsatisfied.VISIT INSTABANG

My Experience and InstaBang Review

Some people in life have an issue around strangers, or they don’t like being in crowds. It can make them a bit nervous in those kinds of situations. The next step up from that, however, is me.

I get serious anxiety if I put myself in any situation that my brain registers as unfamiliar. The strangest part is that I’m usually the one being approached too. If I were a guy and I needed to chase girls, I’d probably just avoid them altogether. I have no idea how they do it.

Even so, I get so nervous that I usually end up saying some of the most awkward things during a conversation. Trust me, it’s the ultimate recipe to turn a guy off.

On one hand, I didn’t see it as such a big deal. The ideas of commitment and marriage are just not for me. Who knows? Maybe that can change one day, but as it is right now, I prefer having a little company occasionally.

I absolutely LOVE to be fucked, and the idea of trying something new in the bedroom (or the bathroom, car, grass, intersection, etc.) is always a welcome experience for me. Kudos to the guys who try to keep things interesting.

I think if I were less awkward in person, I’d be much more successful than I am with hookups. From where I’m standing, not many other girls are out there saying that they don’t need a commitment. Luckily, I’m not most girls.

I mean it. Just fuck me, let me enjoy you, enjoy me while you can, and then we can go our separate ways. If we have amazing chemistry, then maybe we can work something out to have a couple of repeat sessions if you’re so inclined.

So, the question became, “How the hell do I find guys and reliably sleep with them instead of making everything weird somehow?”

Well, my answer came in the form of a little site known as InstaBang. If I’m being completely honest, I think it was the name that reeled me in. I spend more of my existence than I’d like to admit browsing Instagram.

Of course, the purpose of the site mattered, but the name was what stood out initially. Of course, I found more to love about the site as time progressed.

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Becoming a member wasn’t too hard. The sign-up process was super intuitive, and it wasn’t long before I was ready to start chatting. I should tell you that there are more males than females present.

I’m not sure if that’s something that matters to you, because it doesn’t matter to me at all. If I’m gonna get what I want, why should the number of people around matter to me?

Anyways, I started talking to a guy that shared my characteristic of being awkward. He also just wanted to fuck, so I decided to pry a bit and find out what he likes. The dude was a BDSM fanatic, but he never got to try what he wanted with anyone before.

On one hand, I wondered if I’d really let a stranger restrain me in those ways, but my curiosity got the better of me. It was something that I had never experienced either.

We decided to meet at his place, and we talked for about an hour or so about it. I told him what he could try, and we established a safe word. Following that, we went straight for it. It was like I was nothing more than a tool for his pleasure, and I really enjoyed it.

In fact, I can now confidently say that I’m a submissive. Thanks for the amazing experience InstaBang!

From Signing Up to Hooking Up on Insta Bang

The sign-up to hookup process is nothing too complicated on InstaBang. The first thing that greets you is the site’s homepage. Here, the option to sign-up glares at you, as it waits for you to dive headfirst into what may be your most amazing experience ever.

You start by indicating whether you’re a man, woman, or couple. Not all these sites have support for couple sign-ups, so it’s always a refreshing sight to see it being involved.

After that, you provide some other details such as who you’re on the site looking for, i.e., men, women, or couples. The next step requires you to input your zip code as the site uses location-based matching.

Note that the site is intended for people who are 18 and older, so you are required to provide your age. After this, you must give an e-mail address, which is verified using a link that you click on once you receive it. The message may end up in your spam, so be sure to do a thorough check.

Once your account is verified, you are greeted with some profile pictures to decide whether they’re hot or not. Winks are sent to the ones you like immediately. Note that the free experience is limited, so things such as messaging require you to be a paying member.

The site encourages you to be direct, so feel free to reach out to other members and just be yourself. Cheek clapping is never too far away.

InstaBang Features

A site’s combination of features goes a long way in determining its appeal. Here are some of Instabang’s top features:

  • Who’s streaming – Members have the option of streaming sexy stuff live. This feature lets you know who’s doing so and allows you to enjoy the action.
  • Who’s cute – You can decide how you feel about 50 profiles daily. It indicates which members you find attractive.
  • Swipe game – This is a paid feature that is identical to the way you handle profile swiping on Tinder.
  • Photo gallery – This is where members upload homemade sexy photos. You can upgrade your membership if you wish to use this to your advantage to make some money on the site.
  • Premium cams – You can view live cams with professional quality on a third-party site that you are redirected to.
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Safety and Security

InstaBang secures its pages to ensure that member data isn’t leaked to unscrupulous parties. You can view the terms and conditions and privacy page at your leisure if they help you to feel more relaxed.

You should also note that any transactions you do are fully encrypted for maximum security. If you ever have any doubts or queries, feel free to take advantage of the site’s incredible support system and FAQ page.

What Type of Person Uses InstaBang?

Of course, InstaBang’s appeal is not for everyone. As you know, some people are casuals, while others prefer things to be a bit longer. Some persons can go either way, depending on what the situation calls for.

InstaBang is for you once you find yourself in a position where you desire a quick hookup without the need to jump through any strange hoops.

The site is geared towards bringing you and a sexually compatible person or couple together.

Pros and Cons of InstaBang

Here are some of the pros associated with having an Instabang membership:

  • Straightforward sign-up process
  • Interface is easy to use
  • Mobile app available
  • Responsive and capable customer service team
  • Features are unique and interesting
  • Location-based matchmaking makes for an easier meetup
  • Prices aren’t very high
  • Support for couples

On the flip side, here are some of the cons that come with Instabang:

  • Existence of some fake profiles
  • More males present than females.


Other InstaBang Customer Reviews

Before wrapping this up, here are a couple of customer reviews from people who have used InstaBang:

  • “I don’t think there’s a more appropriate name for this site than InstaBang. I don’t put too much faith in these sites that promise a hookup and give you nothing for your trouble. Within three days of becoming a member I was balls deep inside a girl that lives two miles away. I can’t argue with the results.”
  • “As someone who can be shy in person, I prefer meeting a guy to sleep with online. There is no shortage of guys on InstaBang.”
  • “My wife and I found the perfect girl to make things interesting, thanks to InstaBang. Now, here I am regularly sleeping with two women :-D.”

Other Comparable Sites

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The Final Verdict

There isn’t a better option than InstaBang for the shortest path to getting the instant gratification of a hookup. If you’re not already registered, you’re doing something wrong. The site is one of the best ways to find people and couples to get frisky with, and it is very highly recommended.