Best Backpage Alternatives Websites for 2021! [Verified Personals Replacement]

Wonder why backpage became so popular? Finding a partner for a dinner date, romantic relationship or just for sex is hard for some and can be very time-consuming. Let’s face it, who really wants to be sitting at a bar or a coffee shop just waiting for the perfect time to approach someone. No one, and that’s why people used backpage.

Best Backpage Alternatives Sites

  1. Adult Friend Finder (Hookup and Dating)
  2. Ashley Madison ( Personal Hookup and Dating)
  3. No String Attached 
  4. Cams (Chatting Online)

If you do not know what backpage is, it was simply a website where you could go to post and or reply to classified ads in your city. It has recently been shut down due to new laws that have enforced higher protection and privacy amongst users. Don’t worry, there are many backpage alternate sites to go to find these types of ads. In fact, backpage replacement sites are so popular there are actually hundreds to choose from. We have made it easy for you by creating the top 10 backpage alternative websites list of 2021. Take a look below, compare and decide which one best suits your needs. 

Verified 7 Backpage Replacements for 2021

Ashley Madison

When a site is affectionately known as an adultery site, you know that things are going down. Ashley Madison has amassed a large user base in its 15-year existence, and it’s very good at what it sets out to do.

The user interface is unbelievably simple to wrap your head around, and there are various options for communicating with other users, such as calling, sending an IM, chatting, or messaging.

There are no automatic matching features to speak of, so it’s all manual labor on that end. Also, there are no community-based features for you to enjoy.


WellHello sits in an oddly balanced position when compared to the rest of the entries on this list. There’s a very diverse set of users, and you’re encouraged to let out your fetishes and dark desires if you have them as there’s someone out there for you.

It’s mobile-friendly, the search feature is very precise, couples can register, there are member rankings, and there’s even a sex survey used to optimize the site for you.

Since profile completion is not mandatory, there are several users out there who don’t bother to complete their profiles, which means the specific parts of your search may not find them though they’d be perfect.

Adult Friend Finder

Adult Friend Finder is a site that needs absolutely no introduction. It has one of the largest user bases for you to enjoy, and its longevity speaks volumes.

You can maintain friends like you would on Facebook, you can send virtual gifts, you can start a blog, you can watch live cams, and you can even take part in various adult chat rooms. Did we mention there’s a sex academy with courses on topics such as meeting people, anal sex, etc.?

Though the website is a legitimate one, you are often left to wonder if that is the case because of the number of ads that flood the pages.


The Fuckbook community is a surprisingly welcoming one. There’s a pleasing aesthetic, and the messenger feature is a banger. Let’s not forget the great search algorithm that’s present, which makes finding like-minded users a breeze.

There are cams for you to view too, and a feature known as IceBreaker that automatically messages people you match with if you don’t do so after some time has elapsed. You should also note that the site design lends itself to easy use for anyone.

The ads on the site can tread the line between acceptable and bothersome in our experience. Also, you can’t receive messages on a free account.


BeNaughty is a great place for people who have various objectives can meet. It’s a mashup of both a dating and a hookup website, which means if you ever feel like you want something serious, you can find it here with no trouble.

Females can access all premium features free of charge, which is the reason why BeNaughty is one of the few balanced hookup sites that exist in terms of gender ratio.

Profile completion is a challenge here as many users don’t bother to fill in all the little details that can help you to decide.

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InstaBang is a site that sets out to achieve a single goal, which is to get you a hookup in the shortest time possible. It’s hard to argue how well the site can achieve that once you’re making the right moves.

You can view streams, shared photo galleries, play the swipe game, and even rate members on their cuteness when you want to take a break from the chatting. The mobile app is very convenient for fun from anywhere.

While InstaBang is a great site, it’s one of those hookup sites where there are not as many women as there are men. The imbalance isn’t crazy, but it is there.


NaughtyDate’s biggest selling point is the extent to which you can customize your experience. You don’t need to stay on the bland side of things, nor do you need to turn the raunchiness up to 11.

The site allows you to set your experience based on how you want it. There’s even a completely safe mode that all but gets rid of NSFW content. There are themed chat rooms, personality quizzes, and even live cams.

NaughtyDate has a mobile app that makes things convenient; however, the app doesn’t exist on the Play Store, which means you must brave third party sites to grab an apk.


There are millions of users on Uberhorny for you to enjoy, and the process you go through to hookup never feels forced. There are numerous features on Uberhorny for you to enjoy, such as the swipe game, live stream viewing, a photo gallery, and even premium cam shows.

There is great emphasis placed on security, which mitigates the existence of fake profiles on the site. Also, the site has a user support system that is both responsive and attentive.

The design of the site, while intuitive, feels very crowded and should probably be reworked. Also, the amount of functionality you get on a free account is quite limited.


Of all the entries on this list, this is the most that most aligns with the Backpage workflow. Though it was never as popular, Bedpage is almost a mirror image of Backpage. There are advertisements present from locations around the world for sexual fun.

There are adult services of all types, and the site is very intuitive to use. There’s a neat verification system built in too, where Bedpage verifies its advertisers, so users can know who they’re dealing with.

Though there are ads from many locations, the dominant area is North America, as the USA and Canada account for most of them.

Plenty of Fish

Plenty of Fish has one of the best assortments of capabilities offered within a free membership. Most other sites have better features overall. But POF offers the most to free tier members.

The name does the site justice too, as it boasts arguably the biggest user base of any such site. The search feature provided is super precise, and the mobile app brings an insane level of convenience to the table.

Though the site is popular, we must confess that we aren’t fans of the design. The whole thing has a very dated feel. There is also not much done in the area of ID confirmation.

What Are Backpage Alternatives?

Well, there’s no point in explaining the meaning of the word “alternative,” but we wanted to clue you in on what causes us to place a site in the category of a Backpage alternative.

The idea, in this case, is that whatever entries we choose can give an experience that yields similar or even greater satisfaction than Backpage ever did. If you think that’s impossible, you’re in for a pleasant surprise.

So, how do these sites do this? Well, there are other members on these sites who fill the space of the advertisers on Backpage. The difference, however, is that they’re not trying to advertise anything per se, nor are they looking for anything in the realm of business.

These people who are looking for a hookup just want to have fun like you are trying to. This means that you get an invested crowd of people who are more likely to be just as into the festivities as you are.

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Everyone has people who are sexually compatible with them, and you are no different. One of the best things about these sites is that you can use various filters such as location, gender, sexual preferences, ethnicity, etc., to find only those who appeal to you.

You also get the benefit of uninhibited conversation during the process, which allows you to discover just how compatible each person is with you.

Why Did Backpage Personals Shut Down?

So, as you know, Backpage was a site that allowed people to post classified ad listings under numerous categories. You also probably know that these categories included some that were intended for adults, such as those that fell under the escort services umbrella.

It’s not the first site to have such listings, so that wasn’t the problem. Starting in 2011, both law enforcement officials and critics began to cite Backpage as a facilitator of sex trafficking. The victims were believed to be both minors and adults.

These resulted in legal action being brought against the site to have the adult section shut down, or to have the site decommissioned. Backpage won a small victory initially, but things went downhill years later.

In 2018, investigations led to the arrest and charge of the former Backpage CEO and the site founders. The charges ranged from money laundering, to pimping a minor, and even to conspiracy to commit pimping.

By April 6 of 2018, the United States Department of Justice seized the site. Six days later, Backpage CEO pleaded guilty to charges such as conspiracy to facilitate prostitution and money laundering.

Check out this video of Backpage members being upset since the site shutdown.

Why Use Backpage Replacements?

The most obvious reason for using Backpage replacements is the fact that the original is no longer around. So, without them, you don’t have many options to relieve your sexual tension via online means.

Additionally, the workflow of these sites is one that creates a much safer and transparent process. There’s no chance of a repeat of Backpage drama, as these sites are predominantly adult social networks for hookup purposes.

We also believe that the use of these sites is sure to yield a better experience than you ever got while using Backpage personals.

Are These Backpage Alternatives Free?

The sites that we have reviewed all allow users to access and navigate them free of charge. Note, however, that not all features on the sites are accessible for free.

For the most part, these sites tend to share similar features. There is a difference, however, in what each site chooses to allow its free users to do and what is left for the premium users.

While you get the full experience with a paid membership, it is not required that you have one. Think of a business page on Facebook, for example. You can choose to pay for boosted ads, or you can choose to not do so. It has no bearing on your ability to use the site.

Why Should I Use Backpage Alternatives?

It’s been over a year now since Backpage has been a thing, and some of us still find it a bitter pill to swallow. We understand why it needed to be shut down based on the concerns (more on that later), but Backpage Personals had a lot to offer.

It was a great place to search for a hookup considering many people were advertising their services on the site, which were a big hit.

Now that it’s gone though, it is time for us to stop crying over spilled milk and look on to the future. That may be easier said than done, but for the sake of our enjoyment, we need to at least try.

The future is much brighter than you may think because of what is available to us in the present. While the sites may not have the same classified ad workflow that Backpage did, these alternatives present something that may be even better.

Put down the pitchforks and hear us out before you scream. Let’s paint a picture for you. You’re in the mood for some sexy time, and you head over to Backpage Personals. More than likely, some ad sticks out to you.

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You call the person up, arrange the time and place to meet, show up, get laid, and go home. That’s not a bad process by any means, but surely the nature of it feels transactional.

Now you may argue that transactional is best to avoid having strings attached, but what if there were a middle ground? What if you could have an experience without any commitment, yet it still felt organic? If that sounds right, then these backpage alternative sites are for you.

Will I Get Laid on These Backpage Replacement Sites?

Here it is, everyone. There’s a question that has been on your mind at some point during your reading. No one wants to waste time, right? So, why sign up with a hookup site that serves no purpose?

These sites are collections of people who want to hookup just like you do. The point of the site is to help you find them. One you do, be genuine, and shoot your shot. It shouldn’t be long before you bed someone.

Will I Get Scammed on These Backpage Alternative Sites?

Scamming is a huge concern in the world of online hookup sites, as there have been some notable horror stories surrounding people who were just looking for some fun.

While there are a ton of fakes out there, we only have an interest in the real ones. Therefore, you can rest assured that all the sites that we have listed and recommended to you are legit.

The pages are secure, there are no information leaks, nor is there any selling of your data.

The Benefits of Using Personals Sites Similar to Backpage

Here are the benefits of using these personals sites:

  • You can continue to get the fun that you desire in the form of hookups.
  • There’s a more individual experience, as your interests play a much larger role in the selection of the person whom you intend to sleep with.
  • For those who are worried about morality because of the events that took place with Backpage, the workflow of these sites is not conducive to anything that lines up with the charges that were brought against Backpage.
  • It’s easier to find and reach out to people on these sites.
  • You can feel people out better via communication than you could with those on Backpage listings.

The Final Verdict

Backpage Personals is gone, and you need to open yourself up to the possibility of getting laid using a more convenient avenue.

Are you looking to post classified ads on one of these backpage alternative sites? Feel free to sign up for one of the above backpage similar sites we have listed. They are not only for people who are looking to find the new backpage classified ads, but they are also meant for people like you to be able to post freely whenever you’d like. 

We gave you a list of such avenues, as well as the reasons they can work so well. Of all the entries on the list, WellHello is our number one.

It’s hard to beat a site that strikes such a great balance and gives such a great time. The chats, the design, the process, the games, etc., all come together for a fun experience even if a hookup is not on your mind yet.

If you are new to backpage and similar sites but one or more of the websites above have caught your interest. We suggest you sign up for one, take your time and meet a match or two. If it is not what you were expecting or you are looking for something different just try another one. There is nothing to lose since they are all essentially free. So get going, and enjoy the power of these apps that get you connected within minutes. 

Feeling shy? Don’t be, there is no reason why you should be feeling awkward on a dating app. Why? Because of the simple fact that everyone on the site is there for the same reason you are… but if you are having trouble trying to think of something to say to get a quick response click here to read 14 ice breaker sexual tips to get the conversation going in the right direction from the start. 

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