Craigslist Sex Personals Replacement: The Top Alternatives For Casual Encounters

This post will show you the best craigslist replacements for getting laid, just like we did in the good old days before 2018.

We have included classifieds alternatives like Doublelist as well as hookup and swinger sites as well as M4M/gay apps such as Grindr.

Craigslist Replacement

  1. Adult Friends Finder Hookup and Dating
  2. Ashley Madison Personal Hookup and Dating
  3. No String Attached
  4. Cams (Chatting online)

The Best Alternatives List

This guide will cover many options for you. Here is a list of sites that we visited as part of our research.

  • Craigslist Activities
  • Adult Friend Locator
  • Grindr (M4M)
  • FetLife
  • Reddit R4R
  • Locanto
  • 420Classified (Canada)
  • Kijiji (Canada)
  • Tinder
  • Ashley Madison
  • Want Ad Digest
  • Free Hookup search
  • Oodle
  • Bumble
  • Blued (M4M)
  • Bedpage
  • (Escorts)
  • OkCupid

Review of the Top 10 Personals Replacing Products

Let’s take a look at the top ten craigslist people alternatives starting with #10. These ten options are all good and have given me similar results as craigslist people.

Grindr and some other alternatives are only available to gay men. I’ve marked these as M4M (males for men).

Craigslist Personals: Why did they take them down?

After the passing of a law called FOSTA-SESTA, Craigslist decided to remove personals. The law requires that all websites moderate their ads and hold them accountable for illegal sex trading on their sites. Craigslist would face legal consequences if someone sold an underage prostitute to Craigslist. This is obviously not something they want to deal with, and they don’t have the staff necessary to moderate millions of online ads every day. So they shut down the casual encounters section.

They aren’t alone. Many of the best sex sites are now returning 404s, as they pull the plug on their services and close down. Only legal sites have those that do not allow ad posting, such as dating sites like Tinder, AFF and the other options listed above. These sites will require that you give your full name, and identification. They are not liable for sex trafficking stuff. I believe there is nothing that would stop sex traffickers creating fake accounts to search for people on tinder. I believe most of us would be fine using Craigslist Personals that have an account. However, some people still try to get Craigslist into an account system in order to post new ads.

Bottom line

What do you think about this list of craigslist dating alternatives? If you have other options that you’d like to see added to this list, please leave a comment!

Craigslist Activities – The Easiest Site for Personals

Craigslist Activities is the best place to start posting. It’s located in the upper left corner on CL. After personals were shut down, many people have switched to posting casual encounter ads here.

There are no pictures allowed here. This is either a downside or a plus depending on whom you speak to. The area is not for those looking for partners for anything. It is rare for people to post ads for band members or gaming groups. Most activities are for sex in the majority of US towns.

The section is not as sexually explicit as it used to be. Although it isn’t as exciting to browse, you can still find people there. Once you exchange email addresses and phone numbers, you can pick up as though you were using craigslist.

Some cities aren’t as active with Activities as others. If your city does not have an active personals section consider looking at the top sex sites for men.

Reddit R4R: Casual Encounters at No Cost

Reddit has sub-reddits called “R4R”, which stands for redditor to redditor. It’s simple to create an add if you have reddit. However, you can still view ads even if your account is not active. There are many sections, including M4F, M4M and F4M. Each section is moderated so there’s no spam.

R4R’s only problem is finding the right ones in your area. I’ve compiled a list with R4Rs that will help you get started. The largest one right now is SoCal (southern California), which receives dozens of new posts every day.

  • Southern California
  • Chicago
  • Boston
  • Seattle
  • Los Angeles
  • NYC
  • Portland
  • Denver
  • Florida
  • Austin TX

Google’City Name + R4R’ to find one in your area.

This craigslist personals substitute is only available for large cities. You can also search for R4R in your state or post in the closest large city if you live in a smaller city.

Fetlife Classifieds

Fetlife also has a classifieds section. It’s akin to craigslist personals but with a smaller crowd.

You’ll find personal ads filled with whips, leather, and chains if you look through their listings. Slaves can post ads for masters, hunters post ads seeking prey, and riggers post ads looking to find ‘rope bunnies. This would be a good alternative to craigslist personals.

This alternative works a lot like Facebook groups. To use the group, you must create a profile. Users create the groups. The largest one, ‘Classified’, has around 140,000 followers. This is a problem because everyone sees it, making it difficult to find people in your area. They have a special group for casual sex and hookups in big cities like San Francisco.

Find an adult friend

The largest online community for casual sex with no strings relationships is. You’ll see personal ads on your newsfeed, just like Craigslist personals. They will have photos or descriptions of the hookups people are seeking.

This is the site that I’ve had the greatest success with since the shutdown. This site is very similar to craigslist personals in terms of results.

Many of the people I meet on AFF are CL users. We all agree that AFF isn’t perfect but it does the job well and offers some cool features such as cam-to-cam chat, voice chat and forums.


People used craigslist to search for escorts. After all, they didn’t want backpage to bust them., a place where you can search for sex escorts, is a great place to start your search. It’s a mixture of twitter and craigslist. Different escorts (aka providers) have accounts where they can post to their feed. You can follow them to see their rates or just read about their day. It’s a great alternative because you can follow your favorite sex workers and keep up to date with their day.

Once you create an account, go to and put in your city’s name. All the available hookups near you will be displayed, along with their costs. The most expensive rates range from $100 per hour to $600 per hour. However, you get what your pay for and switter is home some of the most beautiful women and sex workers.


Locanto has existed for as long as craigslist people, but they have always been second in the classifieds business. Locanto has taken over their personals section on craigslist.

Use the search bar to search for casual encounters in your area. You will find the same categories that craigslist personals. Choose your favorite: men looking for women, M4M and trans.

The ad will show the address of the poster, their age and a headline. Finally, the body of the ad will be shown. You can also post sexy photos. This was one of my favorite things about personals. It’s great to see that it still exists on Locanto.

Locanto isn’t as popular as craigslist. However, it still has more personals than personals. I also have a problem with ads that are hidden in the actual listings. Although they label them as sponsored in the corner of the listing, they still look like real ads and can be annoying.

Grindr – M4M, (Best Gay Personals)

Grindr, a gay alternative to Craigslist’s M4M section, is worth a look. Grindr is for gay casual encounters, which is a kind of Tinder but not for gay sex. It’s free and easy to use, just like Tinder.

It is a visual dating alternative. It will automatically locate you and show you men near you. You can scroll through the grid. You can see each guy’s profile picture and quickly determine if they are someone you would like to chat with. You can message them if you like them and wait for them to reply. You can message people who are online at the moment, as indicated by their green light under their profile picture. According to the owner, there are approximately 300,000. is a similar site to Craigslist Personals

This was Craigslist’s biggest competitor and a popular alternative that I used. I’m sure Doublelist owners were thrilled when Sesta was revealed and Craigslist removed its personal ads. Their unique system is for classified sites: you must create an account, verify it with your number and then confirm it. This system is far superior to what anyone is doing online. They can bypass the SESTA law by creating an account and keeping the ads private. This makes them the best craigslist replacement.

Although it is annoying to be required to enter your phone number to create an account, it is better than running into spam or having to pay.

It is similar to craigslist’s personals. Post ads with or without photos. People reply to you and you can then reply. Your phone number, your address, and any other information about what you are looking to find in a date can be included. was created to be a craigslist-like site for personals. But, it’s ‘for kinksters and kinksters. If you are looking for more than vanilla sex, it’s a great place to find casual encounters.

You can search by city to find casual encounters close to you. You can further narrow your search by selecting the fetish types. This is a great place to add to your bookmarks if you are a fan of foot fetishes or bondage.

Craigslist Substitutes for Gay and M4M

There are many good gay-only sites that can be used in addition to Reddit and Adult Friend Finder. As a rough estimate, about half of Craigslist Personals’ sex listings were for non-straight sex.

  • Grindr App
  • Blued App
  • Section Doublelist M4M
  • Adult Friend Locator M4M Listings

Grindr is a better alternative to Craigslist if you love M4M

If you are looking for men to casually meet with, Grindr is the best option. Why Are we having this discussion now?

You can view pictures of gay singles in your area. It’s free and it’s as good as it gets for gay hookup websites / apps. A downside to a free service is the possibility of spam. This is a fake account that wants to get you to view their websitecam or do something else.