Meet up with horny girls in Your Area – UberHorny Review

You’re interested in UberHorny but first want to read about someone’s experience before signing up? Or you just want to know what happens inside this site before signing up. Continue reading and I’ll answer all your UberHorny questions.

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First, there is a long list of dating sites available online for adults. Whether you want to hop on to one to find someone to pass time with or someone who you could start a family with, those sites offer you an alternative to embarrassing yourself as you attempt to break the ice in-person.

UberHorny is not one of those sites. It’s not completely impossible for you to find a nice person to settle down with; however, don’t bank on it as UberHorny is not the site that people go to as they search for love.

The best way to describe UberHorny is as a casual hookup site for those who are just looking to jump into bed and jump out the door after. Of course, you can choose to make it more than one hookup, but that’s what the site is primarily designed for.

The site doesn’t shy away from explaining exactly what it sets out to do, as the moderators and creators want to satisfy the user base as best as possible.

First, Why Use UberHorny?

Why not UberHorny if a casual encounter is what you want? You could theoretically cook an egg with a waffle maker since it provides heat, but why would you do that? Why not use a skillet since it’s so convenient to cook the egg with one?

UberHorny’s whole business model revolves around bringing people together to chat, meet, and sleep together. If you have the tool that gets the job done, the only logical course of action is to use it to its fullest potential.

The site offers two guarantees that not many sites in this field can, which is a testament to how well it’s designed and how tight its verification procedure is.

The first guarantee is that there are no fake profiles. This is a big concern with these kinds of sites, as they mislead people using either paid or non-existent members to simulate real interest. It’s a refreshing sight to see when this practice is not evident on a hookup site.

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The second guarantee is known as the Three-Month Guarantee. This one shows a level of confidence in the user base and the site’s algorithm. If you don’t find a single hookup within three months of having a paid three-month membership, you are given an additional three months for free!

What isUberHorny?

With over two million members across the world, UberHorny is a hookup site with a huge user base. In fact, it is one of the biggest such sites in the USA, as the country accounts for over 50 percent of registered members.

The site is geared towards a transparent and authentic hookup process that never leaves members feeling cheated or feeling like there is no value in being on the site.

Furthermore, the workflow of the site encourages quick hookups that are even possible based on location. The site has a lot of visual cues in its design to indicate its purpose and to help you as you search for your own sexual fulfillment.

Note that you’re not allowed to see the members prior to creating your account, so this review is your only compass prior to your sign-up. Be that as it may, the information provided here is all you need to understand why UberHorny is one of the best in the business.

My Experience and UberHorny Review

While it’s not something I’m proud of, I’m known for not being the most interesting girl in the world. Now, you may have heard people say that before, but you have no idea how bland I can be.

If you were to build a woman from the ground up, and set everything to the most generic setting possible, the result would be a girl who is exactly me or very close to being me.

I’ve been told how attractive I am on many occasions, but I don’t offer much in the area of conversation. I’ve always been aware of this, and so I just shoot guys down when they approach me.

I’m a superstar in the bedroom from what I’ve been told, but the process of getting to that point is not so much fun for the guys who have managed to.

The problem is that I know if I just told guys to come sleep with me, they’d jump at the chance, and the conversation would be over. Now while I am open to hookups (I prefer them to relationships), I worry about being viewed as a whore if I go that route.

I tried a couple of dating sites such as Tinder, but things always ended up going the same way. Conversations start off OK enough, but then they just go downhill as I have less and less to say.

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So, I decided to try a hookup site instead of a dating site, and I stumbled upon UberHorny. What can I say except that it was perfect? I’m not sure how to explain it, but the vibe you get encourages you not to take things slowly.

At the same time, it feels like the right thing to do because that’s the way the site is made. I started chatting up this guy and in almost no time, we were discussing our sexual preferences. I didn’t feel weird at all.

We met at a park one night and had a very dark picnic, which was weird, but I liked the idea. We had planned to go back to his place, but we never made it. We had sex right there in the park. It was different, but super enjoyable.

The site just made the whole process so easy, and none of my subsequent hookups were different.

From Signing Up to Hooking Up on Uber Horny

There’s not much to say about the UberHorny registration process because it is surprisingly short compared to some of the other sluggers out there.

There are the regular fields for age, gender, and e-mail address to be filled out, and there is also a specification of who you are looking to hookup with.

Once you provide that information, you then confirm your e-mail address, which is the final step in your account creation process. As soon as you get in, you’re greeted with the site’s safety guarantee.

Get past the safety guarantee, and you’re shown a spread of local members, which you can begin sending winks to for them to know that there’s a new sheriff in town.

From there, it’s just a matter of talking and finding your first hookup.

UberHorny Features

As an UberHorny member, you can take advantage of the following features:

  • Swipe game – This works in the same manner as Tinder’s swiping feature.
  • Live stream viewing – Some members stream naughty live feeds, and you are made aware of who is doing so, and you can view them as they do.
  • Premium cams – You are redirected to a third-party site where you can watch professionals do their thing on camera.
  • Who’s cute – There are 50 different profiles daily for you to skip through and decide who you think is cute and who you don’t.
  • Photo gallery – View photos from other members by paying credits. You can also earn by putting up your own photos and having other members view them.
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Safety and Security

UberHorny places a level of emphasis on safety that is incredible, to say the least. Check out their privacy policy and FAQ page. Not only is the site encrypted, but there is the following safety guarantee:

  • No fake accounts
  • Support team to combat fraud
  • No info selling policy
  • No spam
  • Unsubscribe link is easy to use in e-mail
  • Keeping users satisfied for over 11 years


Who Uses UberHorny?

UberHorny is for those people who are looking for a casual hookup without the fluff. Some people think small talk is awkward, while others absolutely hate it. UberHorny is aimed at both sets of people who want to just jump in and get to the good stuff.

There is no need to commit to anything, and you truly feel as if the site is empowering you to live in the sexy way you want with no worries.IS UBERHORNY FOR YOU?

Uber Horny Pros and Cons

The pros of using UberHorny are:

  • High emphasis on security
  • Great and detailed search feature
  • Multiple membership options
  • Satisfaction guarantee
  • Lack of fake profiles
  • User support available
  • Trial version available for premium features

The cons of the site are as follows:

  • Site design is crowded
  • Not much functionality on a free account


Customer Reviews of UberHorny

A couple of UberHorny users left the following reviews after their experience with the site:

  • “This is the first hookup site I’ve ever tried that truly feels like there’s no bullshit. You just jump in, find people to chat with, and choose to hookup or not.”
  • “I’ve only been a member for a month and a half, and I’ve had two very easy and very memorable hookups so far. Need I say more?”
  • “I can’t believe I found a real woman here to sleep with. I still think I’m dreaming. She wasn’t a bot… Wow UberHorny… Just wow!”


Other Comparable Sites

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My Final Verdict

UberHorny is well designed, and it is very conducive to the objective it sets out to achieve. There is no nonsense here, and the site is very committed to maintaining transparency.

This is one of the best options you can find out there, assuming your only objective is to get it on with casual hookups. Once that sounds like you, UberHorny is highly recommended.