Sugar daddy and Sugar momma Sex dating website – Seeking Arrangement Review

Seeking Arrangement is one of many sugar daddy sites that people can use to find their happiness in relationships, hook-ups, or whatever other kinds of situations they desire.

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Whether this site is new to you or not, once you’re done reading, you should have no questions. This is a comprehensive Seeking Arrangement review, including how the site works, reviews, cost details, FAQs, and other information.

What Is Seeking Arrangement?

Seeking Arrangement is a dating site that was created all the way back in 2006. While there are numerous traditional dating site alternatives, this website is built to appeal to a niche. You see, there are many things in this world that have evolved. The ways that people with eccentric tastes find each other also fall into that category.

This is where Seeking Arrangement comes into the mix. Just in case you find yourself interested in signing up throughout this review, you should know that the URL was adjusted to However, the aesthetic, logo, and name have not changed.

This site is dedicated to those who are seeking one of the sugary relationships that you hear about and see in the media ever so often. So, if you’re looking for a sugar momma or a sugar daddy, this is where you look.

Just in case you’re a bit more innocent than the rest of us, and these terms are foreign to you, here is a simple breakdown. Sugar daddies or sugar mommas tend to be successful persons that have immense wealth at their disposal. Before you jump to any conclusions, not every rich person falls into this category.

Instead, these are usually somewhat older and wealthier persons who wish to provide financial satisfaction for a younger person (known as a sugar baby). In return, these sugar babies offer their time, companionship, relationships, and sometimes a little sugar. That’s sex, by the way, for those who are uncertain.

How Does Work?

The first thing to note is that the gender distribution on Seeking Arrangement is surprisingly balanced. Of the approximately 10 million active users, 52% are male, and the other 48% are female.

The section above gave you an overview of the kind of site that you’re dealing with and the kind of relationship that it facilitates. Therefore, if this is what you are not looking for, get a move on to another site that is more conducive to your needs. Seeking Arrangement categorizes its members into the two roles that were discussed. These are:

  • Sugar daddies/mommas (Successful member)
  • Sugar babies (Attractive member)

Note that the titles that are in the brackets are those that are used by the site to describe its members. The idea is for the platform to assist persons on both sides of the spectrum in finding each other.

However, unlike other dating sites, it is not designed to promote extensive interactions on the website. Instead, it is geared towards getting persons to meet face to face as quickly and as safely as possible. The security aspect is a huge concern and something that the site creators take very seriously.

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There is an opt-in background check system that has a pass or fail metric. Members who pass the check get a badge placed on their account, which is a sign of legitimacy. Upon failure, however, not only is the badge not awarded, but the site no longer facilitates your dating process.

You can also improve your legitimacy standing by connecting your Seeking Arrangement account to your other social accounts, such as LinkedIn, Instagram, or Facebook. 

Searching for a potential match is done using a comprehensive algorithm that takes preferences and location into consideration. While face to face interaction is what the site promotes, you can use the direct messaging feature to communicate. 

My Seeking Arrangement Review

Here comes the part where you get to hear about my experience as a member of Seeking Arrangement. Let’s get something out of the way before we begin. I’ve always liked the idea of playing the sugar daddy role to a young and attractive woman. However, I never managed so find one that intrigued me.

This is where Seeking Arrangement came into the picture. I’ve found that many processes in life are much more convenient when done online. Since dating sites exist, I figured that the principle could be applied to this facet of life as well.

Anyways, onto the site. The first thing I noticed was the listing of reliable news sources that have endorsed it. Seeking Arrangement is not shy and letting everyone know that Business Insider, Huffington Post, Forbes, CNN, the Wall Street Journal, and the New York times have featured it. 

It’s not like I couldn’t tell that this was a well put together side after seeing the simple, yet elegant aesthetic. The homepage told me everything I needed to know. The thing that put a smile on my face is the fact that there was a four to one ratio of sugar babies to sugar daddies. This sounded like I would have quite the choice to make.

Additionally, it sold me on dating into pampering, experience, mentorship, and potentially an ideal relationship. After seeing all this, I decided to sign up.

The required sign up information is not much. All the site needs to know is your gender, what role you’re signing up for, your gender interests, an email address, and the desired password. Note that you can circumvent the last two by signing up with your Facebook account.

From there, it’s a simple search and locate process. I like the fact that I could customize my search on physical features, drinking habits, and a host of other stuff. I found a couple of potential heart stealers in short order. 

I struck up conversations with about three girls before finally making a choice. I truly feel like it was the right one, and now, we are almost inseparable.

How to Setup Your Profile

As stated before, the process of setting up your seeking arrangement profile is not very hard. While on the website’s homepage, there is a red “Join Now” button that you can click at any time when you are ready to dive in. 

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Once you do this, you are presented with the sign-up form that requires some light details before getting you set up. First, you indicate your gender. After this, you indicate the gender that you are interested in meeting. Note that you have the option of selecting both if that is your interest.

In the next field, you indicate if you want to meet an attractive or successful person. This is just the site’s way of determining if you fall into the sugar baby or sugar momma/daddy category.

Next, you can continue by signing in with your Facebook account, or you can use your email address, birth date, and desired password. Once you’ve gone through this, your Seeking Arrangement account is now active.

Is there a Seeking Arrangement App?

So, obviously, everyone doesn’t have a PC to use the website on. Even on a mobile device, not everyone wants to use a browser. Some people want the convenience of a mobile app to get their dating search on. So, does Seeking Arrangement facilitate this?

Well, if you are an iOS user, then you must stick to the browser. It should be said, however, that the web page is extensively mobile optimized to give a smooth experience in the palm of your hand. Be that as it may, Android users can use the well-designed Seeking Arrangement up from the Google play store

Real Seeking Arrangement Reviews from Members

One great way of determining how good something is can be to get the opinions of people who have used it before. Below are a couple of reviews from Seeking Arrangement members: 

– “I’ve worked for over 35 years to get to the successful place that I am in my life. Nobody needs to tell me that I’m not the most attractive person on the planet. Still, I believe that everyone needs and deserves companionship. So, the way I look at it is simple. I share my money with you, and you make my life a bit happier. Seeking Arrangement is the reason I met the beautiful young woman who now sleeps next to me.”

– “As a male, it always seemed a bit weird to people that I wanted a cougar to take care of me. I have no idea what it was that made me this way, but I find that both hot and convenient. Thanks to Seeking Arrangement, I found a nice lady in her late 40s who ensures that I’m well taken care of. I’m no punk, so you’d best believe that I lay on her in the bedroom.”

– “Two sugar daddies. No strings attached. I have all I want. Seeking Arrangement gets a 10 out of 10.”

How Much Does Seeking Arrangements cost?

Seeking Arrangement is not a site that requires you to spend anything to have fun. You can get an extensively wonderful experience on a free account. However, there are also premium and diamond memberships. 

Premium memberships give access to profile notes, the ability to hide your profile information, and profile highlights. Diamond memberships do all this and increase your visibility to other members. The prices are as follows:

  – 30-day premium: $89.95 monthly

– 90-day premium: $239.85 every 90 days

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– 30-day diamond: $249.95 monthly

Seeking Arrangement Payment Details

You already know the prices associated with the various memberships, so all that’s left in the wake of payments is the payment method options. The three alternatives that the site offers are: 

– Credit card

– Mobile phone 

– PayPal 

Note that discretion is a big part of the process, so your transactions are labeled with 2BUYSAFE or W8TECH.

Seeking Arrangement Security Details

Dating sites get bonus points for securing the interests and information of their members. Seeking Arrangement does two major things in this regard. The first is the use of an SSL certificate to prevent any data leaks as you use the site. 

Second, it has a background check system to verify members. Note that the site also does not engage in the sale or trade of your information for any reason.

FAQs for

Going into a normal dating site is a process that can come with a lot of skepticism and questions. You can imagine, therefore, that a niche site, such as Seeking Arrangement, is one that creates many points of consideration for existing members and potential members. 

There is no need to worry, though, as this section is dedicated to clearing up any clouds that may be in your mind about various aspects of the site. 

Who Owns Seeking Arrangement?

Seeking Arrangement has been owned by its creator, Brandon Wade, since 2006.

Why Did the URL Change from to

The change happened to prevent the site from having a reputation tarnished by association with illegal activities, such as human trafficking and prostitution. 

Is Seeking Arrangement Just Secret Prostitution?

It is not prostitution as it is simply an online catalyst for a type of relationship arrangement that people engage in. 

How to Contact Seeking Arrangement?

You can contact the site by using the webpage’s support area or by sending an email to

Can Seeking Arrangement be Free?

Yes, as this is the default membership type.

Is Seeking Arrangement Safe to Use?

The site is safe to use, thanks to the various security measures in place.

Is Seeking Arrangement Legal?

Seeking Arrangement is a legal operation, just like any other dating site. 

Does Seeking Arrangement Verify a Member’s Income?

Income verification is only done for diamond members as a part of their membership. Others must opt into it.

What Can Sugar Daddies Expect on Seeking Arrangement?

Sugar daddies can expect a smooth experience and a pool of choice based on the four to one ratio. 

What Is the Average Allowance for a Sugar Baby on the Site?

The average allowance is $3,000 monthly for Seeking Arrangement sugar babies.

Is Seeking Arrangement FREE for Sugar Babies?

The site is 100% free for people who sign up as sugar babies. 

Is Seeking Arrangement Legit?

Seeking Arrangement does not foster indulgence in illegal activities. This is a part of the whole reason why the website URL is what it is now. Note that data protection laws are also followed, and the site’s policy states that all members should be at least 18 years old. You may also want to check out Secret Benefits and SugarDaddyForMe.

One of the reasons that the site has been allowed to remain operational for over a decade and a half is the fact that it has always been a legitimate operation.