Sugar daddy and Sugar momma Sex dating website – Seeking Arrangement Review

Seeking Arrangement, one of the many sugar daddy websites, is a great place to start a relationship, hook up, or any other situation you desire.

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No matter if this site is familiar to you, there should be no questions after you have finished reading. This comprehensive review of Seeking Arrangement includes reviews, costs details, FAQs, and other information.

What is Seeking Arrangement?

Seeking Arrangement was founded in 2006. Although there are many other dating sites, this site is targeted at a specific niche. There are many things that have changed in the world. People with unusual tastes also fit into this category.

Seeking Arrangement is here to help. In case you are interested in signing up during this review, the URL has been changed to The name, logo, and aesthetic have not been changed.

This website is for those looking for one of those sugary relationships you see and hear about in the media. This is the place to go if you are looking for a sugar mama or sugar daddy.

In case you are a little more innocent than most of us and these terms seem foreign to you, here’s a quick breakdown. People who are successful and have a lot of wealth tend to be sugar mommas or sugar daddies. Be careful not to jump to conclusions.

These are typically older, wealthier people who want to give financial satisfaction to a younger person (known simply as a sugar baby). These sugar babies are willing to give their time, friendship, and relationships in return for sugar. This is sex for the uninformed.

How Does Work?

First, it is important to notice that Seeking Arrangement has a surprisingly balanced gender distribution. The 52% of the 10 million users are male and the 48% female.

This section gave you an overview about the type of site you are dealing with and what kind of relationship it facilitates. If this is not what you’re looking for, move on to a site that suits your needs better. Seeking Arrangement divides its members into one of the roles discussed. These roles are:

  • Sugar daddies/mommas (Successful member)
  • Sugar babies (Attractive member)

The titles in brackets refer to the members of the site. This platform is intended to help people on both ends of the spectrum find each other.

It is not intended to encourage long-lasting interactions, as other dating websites do. It is designed to get people to meet face-to-face as quickly as possible. Security is a major concern that site creators consider very serious.

Opt-in background checks have a pass/fail metric. A badge is placed on an account for members who have passed the background check, which indicates their legitimacy. The badge is not awarded if you fail to pass the check.

Connecting your SeekingArrangement account to other social media accounts like Facebook, Instagram, and LinkedIn can help you improve your legitimacy.

A comprehensive algorithm is used to find a match. It takes into account preferences and geographic location. Although face-to-face interaction is the best way to interact, you can also use the direct messaging option to communicate.

My SeekingArrangement Review

This is where you will hear my experiences as a Seeking Arrangement member. Let’s start by clearing the air. I have always loved the idea of being a sugar daddy to a young, attractive woman. But I have yet to find one that interests me.

Seeking Arrangement was born. Online convenience makes many things easier. Because dating sites exist, I thought that this principle could also be applied to this aspect of life.

Let’s get on to the site. It was immediately obvious that it had been endorsed by reliable news sources. Seeking Arrangement doesn’t shy away from letting everyone know that Forbes, Forbes, CNN and Wall Street Journal have all featured it.

After seeing the minimalistic, but elegant design, it’s not as if I couldn’t see that this side was well-constructed. Everything I needed was contained in the homepage. The fact that sugar daddies were four to one was what made me smile. It sounded like I could make the right choice.

It also sold me on the idea of dating, pampering, mentoring, and possibly a perfect relationship. I was impressed and decided to sign up.

It is very simple to fill out the required information. The site only needs your gender, the role you are signing up for, gender interests, email address and password. You can bypass the first two by signing up using your Facebook account.

It’s easy to search for and find the person you are looking for. I liked the ability to customize my search based on physical features and drinking habits. In a matter of minutes, I discovered a few potential heart-suckers.

Before making the decision, I had conversations with three other girls. It was the right choice, and we are now almost inseparable.

How to Setup Your Profile

It is easy to set up your profile for seeking arrangement. You can find the red button “Join Now”, which you can click anytime you feel ready to dive in.

After you have completed this, the sign-up form will be presented to you. It requires some basic information before you can get set up. First, you indicate your gender. Next, you will indicate which gender you are interested. You have the option to choose both genders if you are interested.

Next, indicate whether you are looking for a successful or attractive person. This is the site’s way to determine if you are a sugar baby/daddy.

You can then sign in using your Facebook account or your email address, birthdate, and desired password. After you have completed this process, your Seeking Arrangement account will be active.

Do you have a SeekingArrangement App?

It’s obvious that not everyone has a computer to access the internet. Not everyone uses a browser, even on a mobile device. Some people prefer the convenience of a mobile application to help them with their dating search. Does Seeking Arrangement allow this?

If you’re an iOS user, you should stick with the browser. The web page has been optimized for mobile to provide a seamless experience. Android users can access the well-designed Seeking arrangement from the Google Play store.

Members Review Real Seeking Arrangements

You can find out the opinions of others who have used it before to help you decide how good it is. Here are a few reviews left by Seeking Arrangement members.

– “I have worked hard for more than 35 years to reach the place where I am today. No one needs to tell you that I am not the most attractive person on this planet. But I believe everyone deserves companionship. It is that simple. You make my life easier by sharing my money. The reason I found the beautiful, young woman who sleeps beside me is because of Seeking Arrangement.

– “As an adult male, it was always strange to others that I needed a cougar to care for me.” Although I don’t know what made me do this, I find it both convenient and hot. Seeking arrangement helped me find a lovely lady in my late 40s who takes care of me. You’d be surprised to know that I slept on her in my bedroom.

– “Two sugar daddies. There are no strings attached. I can have everything I want. Seeking Arrangement receives a 10/10.

What is the cost of seeking Arrangements?

Seeking Arrangement does not require you to spend any money to have fun. A free account can provide you with an amazing experience. There are premium and diamond memberships available.

Premium memberships allow you to access profile notes, hide profile information and highlight your profiles. All this and more, as well as increasing your visibility to other members, is possible with Diamond memberships. These are the prices:

– 30-day premium: $89.95 monthly

Premium of $239.85 per 90 days

Monthly $249.95 for a 30-day diamond

Seeking Arrangement Payment Details

The prices for the memberships are well-known, so the only thing left to pay is the payment method. These are the three options that the site provides:

Credit card

– Mobile phone


You should keep in mind that discretion is an important part of this process. Your transactions will be labeled with W8TECH or 2BUYSAFE.

Security Details

Sites that cater to dating sites earn bonus points for protecting the privacy and interests of their members. Seeking Arrangement performs two important things in this area. To prevent data leakage, SSL certificates are used to protect your site.

It also has a background checking system that verifies members. The site does not sell or trade your information.

FAQs for

It can be difficult to enter a dating site without a lot of doubt and questions. It is easy to see why a niche dating site like Seeking Arrangement has so many benefits for both existing and potential members.

This section will help you clear up any confusions about the site.

Who owns the Seeking Arrangement?

Since 2006, Seeking Arrangement is owned by Brandon Wade, its creator.

Why Did the URL Change from to

This was done to stop the site’s reputation from being damaged by its association with illegal activities like human trafficking or prostitution.

Is a Seeking Arrangement Secret Prostitution?

It’s not prostitution, it’s simply an online catalyst to a type relationship arrangement that people enter into.

Contacting Seeking Arrangements?

Contact the site via the support section on the website or by emailing

Is it possible to seek a free arrangement?

This is the default type of membership.

Is a Seeking Arrangement safe to use?

Thanks to various security measures, the site is safe to visit.

Is Seeking Arrangement Legal?

Seeking Arrangement can be considered a legal operation just like other dating sites.

Does Seeking arrangement verify a member’s income?

Diamond members are not eligible for income verification. Other members must also opt in.

What can Sugar Daddies expect when they seek an arrangement?

Sugar daddies can expect smooth service and plenty of choices based on the four-to-one ratio.

What is the Average Allowance to a Sugar Baby on the Website?

For Seeking Arrangement sugar baby, the average allowance is $3,000 per month.

Sugar Babies Get a Free Seeking Arrangement

Sugar babies can sign up for the site at no cost.

Is Seeking Arrangement Legit?

The Seeking Arrangement program does not encourage illegal activity. This is part of why the website URL exists as it is. Data protection laws are followed. The site’s policy stipulates that all members must be at least 18 years of age. Secret Benefits or SugarDaddyForMe might also interest you.

The site’s ability to continue operating for more than a decade is due to the fact it has always been legal.