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Is it ethical to have an affair?

While everyone has their own opinions, new research in human psychology shows that affairs can be healthy if they are done correctly. It can be used to release sexual frustrations, anger, and passion.

Books such as Why you Will Marry the Wrong People state that affairs are an important part of maintaining a healthy relationship in the long-term.

Top Online Affair Website

  1. Adult Friends Finder Hookup and Dating
  2. Ashley Madison Personal Hookup and Dating
  3. No String Attached
  4. Cams (Chatting online)


Alain de Botton (psychologist), claims that our need to have sex with new partners is a part of our humanity and deeply embedded in our psychology. He adds that jealousy is also part of being human. It is equally important that our partners do not discover that we are seeing someone else. As long as we don’t get caught or raise suspicions, affairs and other sites work well.

An open relationship where both partners have clear rules regarding flings or hookups is a better option to having affairs. My wife and I reached an agreement after my two first affairs that we could have married hookups with others. 1) We don’t allow our AP (affair partner) to come into our home. 2) We don’t let them stay more than two months. 3) We never discuss our hookups or side lovers with each other.

It works perfectly for us! It’s a great idea!

Join the Affair Websites

You can choose to only look at the specialty or community sites if you’ve had previous experience with online dating. There are several important things you should consider when choosing the right site. You must first check the number and quality of relationships on the site. You have a better chance of meeting a real person if the database is larger. You can also use safety and search features. It must be possible to search by gender, age, vocation, height, and hair color. Privacy is important to you. Many popular sites offer you an email address, especially for online dating.

Enter Affair Sites

Not everyone is able to move to open marriage. It could be because family members are too religious or stuck in the past. Or it could be that they don’t want to learn basic behavioral psychology about relationships.

Affair sites are the answer. The best affair websites help to have a healthy affair. This allows you to satisfy your sexual curiosity while also lowering your chances of being caught. Jealousy is a big downside to affairs.

This post will list my top 11 favorite affair sites for discreet hookups and married dating. These sites are still my primary source of finding affair partners. Some of the APs that I have met with them have changed my life.

How to use the best dating sites

You probably know what to do with these sites by now, if you’ve read this list. It’s easy to use an affair site just like any other dating site. Create a new email address and a username. Make a password you can remember. After you have entered this information, click on the link to verify your email address. For more functionality on the site, you might be asked for your credit card information.

Free vs. Paid

Although free sites offer anonymity, they can be risky as you may not know the person you are meeting. It’s possible to get in bed with a crazy, clingy person and not realize it until it’s too late.

Paid affair sites, on the other hand, are safer as you know exactly whom you are meeting. However, your picture is visible so that people nearby may know who you really are. To reduce the risk, make sure you wear a mask and keep something close to your face. Paid sites offer a wider selection of women and men.

Last Word on These Married Love Sites Review

Why do people cheat? Some men claim it is in their blood. It’s impossible to stop them doing it. Some wives are angry at their husbands and long for an emotional connection.

Studies have shown that cheating is more common if the man’s income exceeds 75% of his wife’s. The more money a man has, the more options are available to him. Think of Arnold Schwarzennegger, who was caught with one woman after he had a child with her. Imagine the dozens upon dozens of women with whom he never cheated.

I hope you find this list of websites useful. Let me know in comments which best affairs site you believe to be, and what you think about my list.

Top Best Affair Sites

Adult Friend Finder The Top Rated Adult Dating Site

Highlights and Features

  • You can search for men, women, and couples by gender, sex, race, or body type.
  • You can give gifts to anyone you like
  • Most credit cards can be used

This website is the most trusted dating site at the top spot with 80+ million registered users. I’ve reviewed it several times. Pros

  • Infidelity worldwide
  • Register quickly
  • Free version available
  • Protect members’ privacy
  • You can find any type of quality person you want


  • You can’t do much match-based stuff if you don’t have a paid membership
  • You were a victim to one of the biggest hacks on the internet
  • Only Gold members can send messages
  • Affair services are not available to all groups

Ashley Madison Safest Married Affair Dating Site

Highlights and Features

  • To keep your spouse’s track of your use of dating apps, mask icon conceals your face
  • The best free online dating app for Android and Apple’s iOS operating system.
  • Chat rooms and messages to communicate with husbands or wives looking for sites to cheat
  • Chat live with real “cheaters” looking to make quick cash calls
  • Gifts can be given in a variety of ways

Visit Ashley Madison

Ashley Madison is one the most popular online dating sites for cheating. It usually offers the largest selection of potential partners and has the most choices.

Ashley Madison’s extra security features include discreet billing, a generic interface for those who are taken by surprise by their loved ones, as well as digital protections against data breaches.

This site is great for guys looking to meet women in their 40s and 30s. Many of these women are attractive and open to having an affair. Pros

  • Strong tech security systems
  • With over 20 years of experience, this is one of the most popular discreet hookup apps.
  • Here, people seem to be super excited about cheating


  • Some bots generate fake messages
  • Advertisements that are intrusive
  • You need to persuade married women to let go of their panties.

Craigslist Activities A Secretive Website for Married Dating

Highlights and Features

  • Absolutely free
  • Find activities in your city
  • Locate posts by miles starting at your zip code
  • Posts from the past
  • Save searches you like

Visit Craigslist Activities

Craigslist Personals made it so easy to have an affair. But, since the H.R. Alternative bills against human trafficking were introduced after the 1865 FOSTA bill was passed.

Craigslist Activities is another option. This allows you to keep your identity anonymous and cheat without being caught. It doesn’t matter if you have a profile. You can leave anonymously or privately a message and wait to see the wonderful responses.

You don’t even know the person you are talking to so tell them to use webcam to take some photos in any position that you request.

It is important to remember one thing. You don’t have to use the Activity Partners section for sex. Many people are looking for help with non-sexual activities. Don’t send a yoga instructor or coach for sex to your email. Craigslist can cause problems.


  • Can you remain anonymous? – Fuck and leave no trace
  • You can sneak around in other cities and not get caught
  • There is no direct way to reach a person. Communications are done via discreet emailing, unless there is a phone number in the mail.
  • You can narrow your search to a specific area


  • Craigslist is dangerous because of the people it attracts, criminals and low-income beneficiaries.
  • There is no guarantee that you will meet someone for an affair.
  • No guaranteed responses
  • It is easy for wives or husbands to create fake profiles to capture you

Reddit Adultery One the Best Free Dating Sites For Affairs

Highlights and Features

  • More than 54000+ registered users, and more than 400+ online members
  • Card, Compact, and Classic Front Homepage outline
  • First, search for hot, top, or controversial posts
  • This community hosts hundreds of members every day

Visit Reddit Adultery

Reddit Adultery attracted thousands of members who shared their marital problems in the hope of receiving emotional support from anyone who would listen.

These posts often involve non-sexual relationships. The group offers advice and provides a safe space for confidential online discussions about the base issues plaguing those over 50 who are unhappy in their marriages.


  • Easy to join, easy post, and many replies
  • Always someone who is willing to listen and talk to you about your marital problems
  • If you wish to remain anonymous,
  • Apps and websites for mobile devices work well with any Android, Apple, or desktop PC or Mac.


  • It’s not the best way to hook up and cheat, but it is best to pour your heart out.
  • Some people are delusional and toxic and have emotional problems that need companionship and help.
  • It’s challenging to find sex relationships other than marriage
  • There are no photos on social media pages, so you won’t know who you’re talking to.
  • Anyone can log in, even lunatics and/or your spouse or husband.
  • It is harder to get sex here than on other sites.

No strings Listings of Sex Affairs

Highlights and Features

  • Security on
  • Membership is free
  • There is no identifying information
  • Reminders instantly to upgrade to VIP service $149/12 Months, $59/3 Months, $30/1 Monthly
  • Visa, MasterCard and Diners Club. Check, electronic ACH.

No strings attached

Google “No Strings Attached” to find a ton more movies, books and other related NSA shit.

This dating site is unique and has been in operation for 14 years. It facilitates affairs by matching prospects based on their long-term relationship status (married or single).

  • Click-through tabs are easy
  • People only have sex for sex, nothing else long-term.
  • Most profiles are real and authentic.


  • Generic online dating sites designs – nothing special
  • List of people living near you (risky exposure!)
  • Fake profiles and scammers
  • Mobile usage issues

Gleeden Affair app by women for women

Highlights and Features

  • The ratio of men to women is between 40-60
  • Android was developed by Google, and iOS by Apple OS compatibility
  • Popular in India Since 2016
  • The topic was discussed in respected media outlets such as CNN, ELLE, New York Times and Cosmopolitan.
  • Your identity is hidden
  • Monitor posts 24 hours a day
  • Credit packages for men: EUR10- 25, EUR30-100, EUR80-400

Visit Gleeden

A lot of adult cheating spouses need an affair club to make online booty calls. This will keep them in complete secrecy and allow them to have fun with locals for casual kisses.

Gleeden was born in 2009 and attracted 6+ million singles and cheaters. Most are European Union citizens, while the rest are from more than 159 other countries.

Gleeden’s signups increased by over 80% in the first Monday of January, one year. What’s your New Year Resolution?

Two brothers created this website in response to the concerns of their female colleagues about martial problems.

Although this app received negative reviews from many professionals, my experience has been positive. Pros

  • No cost
  • Real people
  • Enjoy funny videos and articles on Facebook
  • User features centrally located


  • Payed credits for more stuff
  • Low response rates and fake profiles
  • Half of the world’s nations, including the United States cannot create profiles on the site.
  • Your account could be charged with overcharging errors a month later

Victoria Milan Website to Get Secret Online Affairs

Highlights and Features

  • If someone you love comes into the room while browsing the site, panic button
  • Email alerts and automatic login
  • You can use both Apple and Google mobile apps here
  • 6 million users worldwide, and half a million are located in Europe and Scandinavia
  • Norton industry security packages and top-quality 256-bit SSL expert protection
  • Find singles and married men near you
  • Anonymous sign up
  • Credit cards, wire, Bitcoin, PayPal register banking processes
  • Happy and positive Facebook page
  • Monthly members at 50/3 months, $49/6 month, $30/12 mois

Visit Victoria Milan

Victoria Milan is one the most popular affair dating sites of 2010. It offers basic features such as winking, sending love gifts and pimpin’ out your profile page.

This search-style fuckbook blurs your face to make sure no one in your vicinity recognizes you. Select your profile bio type, size, weight, measurement, and many other features.

Surprisingly Victoria Milan claims that Chicagoans spend more time on dating apps than those from New York, Houston, Dallas, and other cities. It seems that marital problems are a big problem in big cities.

As a moral police officer, I have one warning. Consider a subscription for a month. Many Victoria Milan reviews have reported that they were scammed for more than they expected. Their home office is located in Malta, and the financial laws are more restrictive than those of other countries.

  • Sophisticated, elegant energy
  • A nice selection of late-night big booty and escorts
  • This blog is informative about instant hookups and one-night stands


  • Some fake profiles generating messages
  • A couple of hundred thousand members are active
  • You will need to select your height and weight using centimeters or kilograms. This is confusing for United States citizens who use a different metric system.
  • Video chatting is not allowed
  • Always ask to sign up

Kik Affair Groups Fun & Popular Affair Site/App for Singles

Highlights and Features

  • Many groups offer a limited number of slots.
  • At the bottom of the portrait is the name of the user
  • Upload YouTube videos, memes and your surfing history to other people
  • Start your own group

Kik Affair Groups

The top ten most popular online dating site is Kik. Simply type in your interest (e.g., “affair”) and you’ll be directed to relevant groups that are tagged with a hashtag. You can post a message to the group and they will reply. Notification dings will be sent to your mobile device. Pros

  • Sign up in just a few clicks
  • It is easy to join a group, meet married people and receive counseling


  • Underage teens love Kik, and they sometimes pretend to be adults.
  • A group can only be joined by 50 people

Horny Wife Best Horny Women Website

Highlights and Features

  • Instant messages and webcam to chat with horny women
  • Age, body type and race, as well as marital status
  • Chat rooms, live cams, sex academy
  • 12 Months/EUR239.40, 3 Months/EUR80.85 and one month/EUR39.95
  • Visa and MasterCard, Maestro. JCB. SEPA payments
  • Live chat or toll-free telephone support
  • Connects to Adult Friend Locator
  • There is a lot of sexual talk

Visit Horny Wife

Horny Wife is full of lonely housewives who are ready to cheat on their husbands. The friendly energy and friendship of the women is what I love. There are more than 97 million registered users, and there are 2 million online. Only 67,000 people were online when I checked in on Sunday.

These housewives can be contacted by visiting their profiles. However, you will need to join the site to view their photo galleries. Pros

  • MILFS will be horny to you
  • Fake reviews are rare


  • Generic user interface
  • Before you can create an account, you will need to verify your email address and write a bio.
  • Over the years, prices have risen

Illicit Encounters Best For UK Affairs and Horny Wifes

Highlights and Features

  • 1.25 million users, 1000 online chats Sunday evening
  • The support team is available from 9am-10pm, seven days a week.
  • Virtual gifts
  • Regular membership: EUR144 per month, EUR279 per yearGold membership: EUR196 per month, EUR349 to a full year
  • EUR50 per 20,000, EUR20 per 3000

Visit Illicit Encounters

Illicit Encounters, a popular UK dating site for married couples, is full of cougars. This site is well-respected by The Guardian and the BBC. If you don’t possess the expressive writing skills I have, you can fill out a personality questionnaire and they will create a bio for your. This feature is unique to dating sites. Pros

  • Extramarital website on the internet since 2003
  • Moderators who are active
  • You are guaranteed to find the right person
  • Based on the answers to the questionnaire, auto-bio generator
  • Can you remain anonymous?
  • Feel good on a live site
  • Never been hacked! This is a historic feat!


  • Only for UK and Ireland residents
  • Responses and users with low numbers
  • No 24/7 customer service
  • You might be caught off guard by auto-renewal fees
  • Gold diggers and crawling
  • Bots that generate fake messages
  • Too many horror stories are coming from users
  • Expensive
  • Dormant profiles
  • No mobile app
  • More girls than boys