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Are you looking for a one-night stand?

Are you looking for casual sex, discreet relationships or a sex partner?

Do you travel and want to have some sex while you are there?

These are some tips to help you find casual sex apps for free and meet the man of your dreams.

One Night Stand Apps for Sex, Adult Sites and Casual Sex Apps

  1. Adult Friends Finder Hookup and Dating
  2. Ashley Madison Personal Hookup and Dating
  3. No String Attached
  4. Webcams (Chatting online)

It can be difficult to find one-night stands, but it is much easier if you meet people who are already looking.

One night stands sites allow you to meet single men or women who are looking for a fun fling.

We’ve collected the top one-night-stand websites (and tested them all) so that you can get to work and have some fun.

One Night Stand Dating Tips

Wham, bam, “thank you” ma’am. The one-night-stand floodgates can be opened like a can full of spam. You have two options when it comes to a one-night stand. Either lie about everything or be honest – it’s your decision.

Talk to Yourself

You’re not going to see this person again. You could make them believe that you are an associate producer on the latest action movie. These ‘dreams’ can be played up as much as you like until you get what your groupie wants.


You can be totally honest about what you want. Respect that and women will usually follow your lead.

Seduction Powers

You can use your seduction skills by remaining a mysterious man. Let her fantasize about what you think about her. Let her make this wonderful, never-ending love story in her head and then get in on the action. You don’t have to ruin the moment by speaking too much. You can shut your mouth and let her fantasize, and you will have a great one-night stand.

One Night Stand Safety Tips

Use Condoms

Condoms are very important for a one-night stand. You never know who is in your bed with, regardless of how they act or look. It is not worth getting slapped with a child support bill years later. Don’t trade a lifetime of pain for a 30-minute affair.

Personal Safety

Tell someone where you’re going and who you’re meeting. You should make a Safety Call within 5-10 minutes of arriving at your private rendezvous. This will let another party know where you are. If you drink alcohol, don’t leave your drinks unattended.

If a prospect seems a little too cooperative, it is important to raise your antennas. You are too excited about your fantasies or taking someone private.

A woman who is too comfortable having a one-night stand is a red flag. You might find 5 banditos in her closet, with gold pistols pointed in your direction.

Emotional Security

This shit should be kept at arm’s reach. Don’t build a relationship on the basis of sexual encounters. This is one of the worst things you can do. Clinginess can lead to other problems.

You can have morning sex, but you should leave the next day. You can dress up as a villain and go on the run the next day. There are no strings attached.

Listen to your gut instincts no matter what. They may save your life!

The Final Word

You can enjoy your one-night stand in safety. These are the top one-night stand hookup websites. Have fun!

Adult Friend Finder – Best One Night Stand Website

Highlights and Features

  • Browse the homepage, Hookup (great to one-night stands), Dating Forums and Live Chatroom. There are also Help Options
  • A brief questionnaire that includes information about your prospects’ eye color and cup size, race, gender, age, body type, sexual orientation, and gender.
  • To determine how far you will go to have a sexual encounter, take the ‘Purity Test’
  • You can send friend requests, flirty winks, and direct messages to your friends
  • Make videos and blogs
  • You could play the “Hot or Not” game and choose which sexies you would like based on your preferences
  • Advanced Search Options
  • VIP Section

Visit the Adult Friend Locator

Ahhhh, Adult Friend Locator. This is a place where you can enjoy a single, refreshing life. Adult Friend Finder is a great way to find the right matchmaker for you. This directory search tool will help you find the perfect match if you’re an adult looking to meet a friend.

To get to know your prospect better, start a video chat. It is easy to discreetly get laid with an escort casual hookup partner in any city. To create an account, fill in the questionnaire similar to a job application and then browse the free one-night stands near you.


  • In an instant, you will find the right person
  • The website is simple to use; you don’t even have to create an account in order to view the profiles
  • Gender-inclusive Search Options: Singles, couples, males, females and trans
  • If you’re looking for one-night-only knick stuff, you can search the BDSM database


  • You might get addicted to too many one-night stands
  • There are fake profiles and many male profiles.
  • Many ads, need to install an advertising blocker
  • No mobile app
  • The homepage contains all the information you need.
  • There is no matchmaking system

Ashley Madison Easy Boogie Calls

Highlights and Features

  • Many singles live in close-knit communities.
  • Google Android and Apple iOS Apps
  • You can search for users based on their age, location and time online
  • Check out who has viewed your profile. See what sexuality, status and location have done. Also, see photos. Send gifts and private messages.
  • Browse profiles anonymously

Ashley Madison

What about sex before marriage? Ashley Madison suggests extramarital sex in marriage.

You can’t bang Ashley Madison for a one-night stand. But you can certainly find someone to cheat with. Whhaatttt?

Are you tired of the daily grind of marriage? You can spice things up by having a one-night stand with Ashley Madison’s secret single late-night erotica date. You can discreetly sex with someone you don’t want to see again. Pros

  • It’s completely mainstream. Everyone knows Ashley Madison.
  • Over 50 countries and 17 languages are represented by users
  • Blog article on the intricacies involved in a one-night stand
  • The best privacy protection, especially after 2015’s major hack
  • The website offers travel perks
  • Priority messaging system


  • Fake profiles

Craigslist Activities The Best One Night Stand Dating Site

Highlights and Features

  • You can search for prospects using titles, images, recent posted, and other criteria.
  • Find users within the specified distances of your zip code
  • You can search for activities that are based on specific one-night stands dating keywords

Craigslist Activities

The Craigslist Activities review section is next on the agenda. People were scattered from Craigslist personals when the US Senate passed the FOSTA/SESTA bills to end sex trading in 2018.

Craigslist Activities users are searching for amazing sex without strings attached. Perfect! Be careful, though. There are many scammers looking to take advantage of these sections. You should use the webcam to chat with potential candidates so you don’t get snared with a 9-inch snake wearing a dotted eye.

  • Posts are free to make
  • Simple user interface and layout, which anyone can use
  • Instantly locate one night stands near you


  • You will find a lot of fake profiles here.
  • A group of hookers; this is a run-over from Craigslist personals options. But, it is not a good idea to ask for sex in return for money.
  • People are searching for friendship, so it is important to read through all the posts if you only want one night of sex.
  • Reply messages are hidden behind a link that is cloaked; you can’t send messages directly at the beginning
  • Many users don’t post photos. You need to get some teeth to see what they look like.

Craigslist Activities: Our Rating

BeNaughty Only For Sex No-String Attached Sex App

Highlights and Features

  • There are many reasons they might not approve of your photos
  • All members, online members, and new members
  • You can search for members based on their age, sex and location.
  • You can like multiple photos in a gallery with the ‘Cute or Not” game
  • Several supported languages; including Portuguese, Dutch, Swedish, Spanish, Italian, French, German, English


Everyone has a naughty side and it’s up to you to discover yours. BeNaughty is a community of more than 13 million people.

You can find casual sex in your area. Sign up to receive a few questions about you life including your sexual orientation, sex preferences and password.

To use the website fully, you must activate your account. Upload photos to your webcam or computer. You can also choose your ethnicity and hair color. Pros

  • To make extra money, become an affiliate
  • Upload photos directly to your webcam
  • Chat with the chat system to make instant connections
  • Trial for 3 days free
  • Android and iOS apps
  • You get a lot of responses for how many messages you send.
  • No membership is required to send messages to women.


  • Too many negative reviews
  • It can be confusing to tell the difference between ads and features on dating sites.
  • It is difficult to cancel a membership
  • Spam messages are sent by the site administrators as soon as you sign up
  • It is difficult to find compatible matches and to meet someone.
  • To see the sexy photos, you will need to modify your browser settings
  • To view messages, you will need to upgrade to a member Intimate Ecounter BDSM App to Hotel Hookups

Highlights and Features

  • There are many orientations available, including TS, couples, men and women.
  • Service for matchmaking with people near you
  • Chatroom available in the lobby for those who are interested in engaging
  • Your ‘Hot List” should include sexies is the most popular dating site for BDSM shit. You can have an anonymous hookup and get hooked up (bound), by playing around with bondage fetish roles.

Use whips, chains, and paddles. Find one-night stand opportunities in your area. You can view all their videos and engage in sexy chats and hookups online.


  • You can easily find someone to go out with for a night.
  • Register for a free account
  • Since 1996, we have been in operation and it has evolved into something amazing.
  • There are many ways to communicate
  • High response rate


  • Recurring membership fees that may appear on your credit card statement at the end the billing period
  • Fake profiles; this is a tiny fraction of the millions.
  • Always being prodded to update your membership
  • Bad customer service
  • You will need to pay for a username change

Bang Locals Local One Night Stands for Free

Highlights and Features

  • There are some restrictions regarding nudity
  • Private chats and friend requests
  • Advanced search system
  • Rating system for sexy male members

Visit Bang Locals

The name says it all. This is a place where you can meet locals and have sex. This sex buddy app is very similar to Tinder. You can swipe through the possibilities and tap on the profile of someone you like to set up a meeting.

Registering is easy and free. You can also arrange a meeting. As you browse the list of possible local flings, you can see who has joined the website this week. Pros

  • Sign up is easy; simply enter your name and zip code.
  • 256-bit encryption
  • Locate locals by GPS


  • Cheap website design
  • You will need to sign up for a premium membership to have full access to the 1-day trial and to “age verify”
  • Information about shares with third-parties
  • You will need to pay for certain features
  • There are no adult videos

Our Rating of Bang Locals

Tinder Best One Night Stand Application

Highlights and Features

  • App for Google Android (2.2+), and Apple iOS (7+).
  • 24 languages
  • Bios can be up to 500 characters
  • Maximum 6 photos
  • Your status on social media is visible and well-known


Tinder is a great app for one-night stands. Everybody comes here to find a partner for one. You don’t have to believe me. There are hundreds of Tinder stories written by real people. Trust me, it’s hot and steamy.

Tinder is not just for hooking up. If friendships are what you want, then please put “No ONS” in your profile.

If you’re looking for a one-night stand, you should dress up for the opposite sex to ensure that prospects will accept you (which is what you want). Tinder’s positive aspect is that they want you to use safe sex and will provide a list with STD testing centers near you.

  • App is mostly free
  • Good for gay Tinder dates
  • Proximity-based Matchmaking with 26 Million Users from More Than 90 Countries
  • Signing in is made easier by the fact that users can log in using existing Facebook data.
  • Last accidental left swipe results should be pulled up
  • Photos verified


  • This app is unsafe; psychos and con artists have used it to make the news.
  • Forcibly to sign up using Facebook
  • Search options for low-quality results
  • Account security is limited

Free Hookup Search Local Sex Hookup

Highlights and Features

  • To get full access to communication features, you will be asked to sign up for Visa or MasterCard
  • SSL encryption with 256 bits
  • You can search for people regardless of their age
  • Instant messaging and live sexy Webcam Shows

Find a Hookup Free!

You don’t have to do much. It’s easy! On your profile, you can view a list with your friends, favorite users, blocked users, winks and views. You can see if someone likes you, or if they favor you. You could be their fuck friend.

Enjoy a taste of the best cam girls, as well as some great videos and amateur profiles. Pros

  • It’s easy to sign up
  • Sign up for free
  • Upgrade for life


  • A cheap looking homepage is what you’d find on a classic porn website
  • You can’t send private messages to someone without paying

Bumble Secret Discreet ONS App

Highlights and Features

  • To sign in, you will need to dial a number.
  • Unlimited swipe
  • Google Android and Apple iOS Apps

Visit Bumble

Buzz, buzz. Warm honey is just waiting to spread throughout your body. This is one of your ONS potentials waiting to be released. Wait, there’s more! Women are the dominant force (not on a BDSM tip).

It works this way: You can match with someone, and both of you swipe right. The woman has 24 hours to accept or respond, just like Tinder. Feminism is a must!

You have the power to look your best. This app can only be used on smartphones; it cannot be used on desktops.

So your 300-character bio betta looks very appealing, she makes the first contact. If she does not respond, the matchmaking request is deleted. Sorry. You can still put yourself in the friend zone by using the BFF mode of friendship. This is what most men do with women they meet. Pros

  • A professional dating service is not for a one-night stand
  • Photo verification authentic
  • Check out these success stories
  • Attract more educated people
  • Equal gender ratio


  • It might be harder to make it through one night stands here
  • Only women can send you messages first. Good luck with trying to catch the first cast.
  • It works only as an application, not a website
  • This is a great option for those looking for a relationship, but it’s also good for one-night stands.
  • Recurring automatic charges
  • Only for the two genders. Transgenders may not be invited.
  • You cannot post pictures of adult subjects